Wednesday, July 1, 2015

First P-Day at the England MTC

Elder Oxspring's companions-he's in a trio
July1, 2015  Everything is going great at the MTC. I really love it here! 

Yeah so this MTC is very small, just under 50 missionaries I think. On Thursday night, we got assigned our companions and districts. I actually have two other Elders that are my companions: Elder Green and Elder Cluster. Elder Green is from Pinetop AZ. Elder Cluster is the one from Utah who plays the bagpipes. They're both pretty good guys and fun to work with, but it's just hard working in a trio. And guess what!? I was made district leader! There are 7 in my district including me and my companions: Elder Bradshaw from St. Johns, his companion is Elder McCappin from Australia (the one related to the Scarletts), Sister Tenney from Taylor AZ, and her companion Sister Hoferl from Austria (she speaks pretty good English though). My whole district is going to Scotland/Ireland except Sister Tenney who is going to Birmingham.

 I really like how small the MTC is because we all know each other! I could probably give you the name of every missionary, where they're from and a little something about their personality. There are missionaries from all over! There are missionaries from South Africa, Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and even a sister from Zambia sister! We went to the temple this morning (and the temple is so beautiful, by the way) and the Sister from Zambia was going through for the first time because she had no temple close to her back home. Sister Gillette is actually her companion, so she was the escort. Probably about 20 missionaries or so are going to Scotland/Ireland, but there are a few going to Birmingham, a few staying 6 weeks to learn German for the Alpine German-speaking mission, and a few staying 9 weeks learning Greek for the Greece Athens mission. All the missionaries going to Greece are from Europe already; they say Greek is so tough to learn. And there are two missionaries here that are learning English, an Elder from Brazil and Sister from China. The Elder spoke absolutely zero English when he got here, so he needed a translator and everything and it was difficult at first, and the Sister knew a little English but not much. Both are doing really well after just a week though

The food here is great! And guess what? They even have bbq sauce. One day we even had bbq pulled pork sandwiches. There are a few weird drinks that are different like ginger beer or vimto, and there's an occasional strange dish we'll have like yorkshire pudding (which is like a bread bowl type of thing), but for the most part it's pretty Americanized and it all tastes really good!

 I just got back from this store called Asda, which is like the British equivalent of Walmart.    

 I love the MTC President here. President Preston is such an intelligent and funny guy. He's really emphasized that we speak more "proper" English since we in England, which is the land of such good writers like Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. He said we should get out of the habit of using slang like "awesome" and "cool" and "guys" so that's a little difficult. But I really like hearing so many different English accents with missionaries from Scotland, England, South America, Australia, and everywhere else, it's been really interesting.

I've been playing the piano quite a bit. What Mom always says finally came true... Everyone was asked to prepare a talk on the Atonement for sacrament meeting on Sunday, and they just called random people when we got there to give talks. However, I was the pianist for sacrament meeting, so I knew I wouldn't have to give one, so I didn't have to prepare a talk! I've been the pianist for a few different meetings.

As a district leader I have had a lot more responsibilities I have had to do while here. I had to attend extra leadership meetings and preside during district meetings and discussions and make assignments and stuff. But it's been fun!

I've really enjoyed learning how to teach lessons and everything. We typically teach about 2 full lessons per day and do a lot more role-playing. I really enjoy the MTC, but the longer I'm here, the more I just want to get out in the mission field and teach real people. I like all my teachers! Two of my teachers are from England, Brother Webb and Sister Shepherd (Sister Shepherd is from Derby and has a really different English accent) and we have another teacher named Sister Alston from Canada (she has an American accent, so that's nice for a change).

Milan's district:  Elder Green, Me, Elder Cluster, Elder McCappin, Elder Bradshaw,
Sister Hoferl, Sister Tenney
Preston, England Temple
MTC room 

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I'm Elder Andrews mom he's from Boston. I haven't heard from him yet by email yet so it is exciting to know all is well at the MTC at least!!