Monday, August 17, 2015

New companion in Galway

 August 17, 2015
Wow, this has been such a wonderful week! We received our calls late last night about what is happening with the upcoming transfer. It was likely that nothing would change for me or the other Elders in our flat, but boy were we wrong. The whole mission is getting shaken up right now! So... sadly Elder Christensen is leaving Galway. It wasn't likely to happen because he is supposed to train me for six more weeks, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. So Elder Christensen is leaving to go to Sligo, Ireland. I have heard great things about my new companion though! Guess what his name is... Elder Christensen. Not even joking! I am going from having Elder Wyatt Christensen as a companion to having Elder Daysen Christensen as a companion. He is coming from Dundalk in the Dublin Zone and he has been out on his mission for quite a while. Apparently he is really energetic and happy, so I am excited!  Apparently every companionship in the Limerick district where I am at has been changed.. Oh and apparently they are creating a new zone up in Scotland too! So many changes!!! 

This week was great!! It was beautiful weather almost all week long with lots of sun! On Thursday we saw everyone out on the beach at Salthill because it was so sunny. The water was probably still very cold, but everyone was out there having a good time!

Tuesday was one of the best days that I have had! We went up to Limerick for district meeting, and it was sad because Elder Bailey (from Mesa, AZ) is going home, but we all had a great time together! When we went back to Galway, we were to have 3 lessons with investigators and have a dinner appointment with the Christy family who are absolutely incredible people. So it was just a wonderful day keeping busy with appointments and good food and everything else.

The rest of the week we were able to have a few very good lessons with investigators and found a lot of new people too. Oh and were able to have another dinner with members on Friday evening. The O'tooles who live more in the countryside out of Galway invited all of us missionaries in Galway, including the senior couple, out for a BBQ. They are also incredible and had amazing food for us! There were ribs, chicken, burgers, potato salad, and all kinds of good stuff, so we all ate so much. There are so many great members in our branch that are so kind to us!

At church on Sunday, it was PACKED!! There were a ton of visitors from Idaho, Utah, Washington, Tennessee, and Germany. I think they said there were 70 people total! We had to bring in extra chairs to fit everybody, and we almost ran out of cups on the sacrament trays. It was great to see to many people there! I and Elder Christensen were also asked to teach the Gospel Doctrine class, so that was pretty interesting as well. I had never even been to that Sunday school class before and I had to help teach it. But it was good and a few members came up to us afterward and said we did a good job. 

There are so many new changes, but I trust that they are inspired moves and that I will be able to learn and grow more from a new companion. I know that Heavenly Father is watching over me and wants what is best. Like one of my favorite scriptures in Proverbs 3: 5, I just need to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. I am sad that Elder Christensen is leaving; he is such a great missionary and has helped me so much. I am so excited for a new companion and new opportunities that I will have in Galway. 

Elder Taylor Bailey (returning to Mesa)

Galway City Centre- Eyre Square
Salthill Beach on a sunny day

Green and Beautiful Ireland  

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