Monday, September 21, 2015

Elder Christensen's birthday

Happy Birthday Elder Christensen! 

September 21, 2015 
The last 5 weeks in Galway have gone by so fast with Elder Christensen! Next Sunday I will be getting my moves call to find out if I am staying in Galway or not, so next Monday I will have the news for you. Next week I could be traveling to a whole new country and getting a new companion, or everything could just stay the same.  

This week was pretty great!! On Tuesday it was Elder Christensen's birthday so of course we had to celebrate that! At District Meeting in Limerick we had root beer floats afterward that some of the other missionaries in our district organised to surprise Elder Christensen. He loves root beer floats and root beer is pretty rare and expensive over here so it was a great treat! At our flat we decorated it with streamers and balloons and everything and at night we baked a cake and celebrated with sparklers (Elder C got a cake mix and sparklers in his birthday package) so it was a lot of fun! 

We taught quite a few lessons this week and got a couple new investigators, and so we were pretty pleased with all the work we got done. Our Limerick zone has been on fire lately!! And the zone leaders are implementing this plan to increase the work even more! We started with a fast on Sunday to unify the zone and give us extra strength. Every week for the next 8 weeks we are focusing on a different area to help build up Limerick zone even more. So this week we will be focusing on getting 50 new investigators as a zone and then a high amount of lessons taught and then a high amount of investigators at church and so on. It will all culminate in the last 4 weeks of the next transfer where the zone leaders have promised us that if we are diligent in working as hard as we can, every companionship will be able to help at least one person reach baptism. We are all so excited to put it all into action. Elder Christensen and I  are so motivated to get loads of new investigators this week. I really hope I get to stay in Galway for this next transfer to see how it all works out because I am so excited for it! 

Oh and we went by a lot of less-active members' homes this week to try and get more Young men at church and at YM activities. And it worked out great! These two less active Nigerian boys came to play basketball with us and they brought a nonmember friend too! So we had a lot of fun with more Young men there this week. While we were playing a few games with the basketballs, a few others boys saw us and joined in too. At the end we invited them all back for the next week and told them to invite their friends so I hope we can just keep getting more young men out every week. It would be so fun if we could have a huge group!

So on Sunday it absolutely poured in the morning! We got soaked riding our bikes to church. When we got there we went into a room and had to ring out our socks (a lot of water came out), and dry out our trousers and shoes a bit. I need to buy a cover for my trousers and shoes for the rainy sundays. Because it was so rainy, we were not able to get many investigators or less-actives out. It is so tough for those people that have to bike or walk to church when it is pouring. 

Next week, we have district conference (stake conference) in Limerick, I will have to travel there on Sunday morning. We are not sure yet if we are heading there Saturday night for the adult session, but it will be fun being there with so many members from different areas in Ireland. And I am so excited for General conference the following weekend!

In Priesthood on Sunday, we talked quite a bit about pride, and I have been studying pride and humility on my own as well. Humility is such an important attribute that we need to develop in order to counter pride of the natural man. Humility is necessary for baptism because one must recognise that he or she is unable to return to Heavenly Father without the help of Jesus Christ and His infinite atonement. Every week when we partake of the sacrament we should remember that we cannot walk through life relying on ourselves, but instead rely Heavenly Father and Christ. The only way we will be able to stand comfortably before God one day is if we strip ourselves our our pride and humble ourselves by putting trust in Heavenly Father (Alma 5: 28-29).

The work in Galway is continuing forward

-Elder Oxspring
Matteo, an Italian investigator

The Fantastic Four
This picture and message were sent from Sister Barton from Idaho who was visiting Galway with her daughter:
We had such a great experience being in that tiny branch on the other side of the world. You need to know that these young elders are completely engaged in the work. Each of them is excited and energetic and loving the opportunity to share the gospel and build up the members. 

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