Monday, September 28, 2015

Staying in Galway District

Limerick District before moves

September 28, 2015
Wow so it was quite an incredible week!!  I am staying in Galway 6 more weeks along with Elder Christensen. Actually, our whole flat is staying the same for one more transfer crazy enough! Which I am pretty excited about because we are thriving right now and teaching so many lessons, so I am excited to see all our hard work pay off. Unfortunately however, our district is getting changed up a bit. So they are adding another companionship of Elders in Limerick, so there will be enough missionaries to make Limerick its own district. So now we just have a tiny district in Galway only consisting of the 4 of us in our flat and the senior couple. So I am kind of sad about that because now I don't get to travel to Limerick every week and hardly ever get to see other missionaries besides all of us in Galway. But I am sure we will still have a great time and get a lot of work done in our district. One of our zone leaders, Elder Ilori is leaving and going up to be zone leader in Dundee, Scotland so we are all sad about that too because he really built up our zone so much. 

 Last week I talked a bit about the incredible plan given to us by the zone leaders to teach 50 new investigators this last week. And guess what!? We achieved it! Elder Christensen and I had an incredible week and were able to teach 9 new investigators- we were so excited! Our whole zone reached 54 new investigators which is a crazy amount- we taught a total of 101 lessons as well! So our zone is leading the whole mission now! We are so excited to keep it going. This week our goal is to teach 50 lessons to investigators with members present which is a pretty high goal, especially with all the people moving around this week as well. It is going to be tough for us in Galway because it is a little more difficult to arrange to get members out teaching with us, but we have faith and are excited to work hard! 

So overall this whole week was pretty great! On Thursday, I went on exchanges with one of our zone leaders, Elder Ensign from Bountiful, Utah. He came here to Galway and we had a pretty good day trying to find a lot more people to teach. While we were biking, one of the bikes completely broke! Oh yeah, by the way our new bikes FINALLY came in today!! It took forever for them to get here. But yeah, one of the bikes was unable to be ridden after Thursday, so we were on foot from Friday to Sunday, but it wasn't too bad! On Sunday we got up early and took a bus to district conference in Limerick. So it is basically stake conference, but it's just called district conference because all of south and western Ireland isn't big enough to be a stake, so it's a district. The mission President and his wife came and spoke at it along with an Area seventy, Elder Dryden, so there were a lot of great talks! And it was wonderful seeing all the other missionaries from Cork and Tralee and Waterford too that we don't normally see very often. After the conference there was this big munch & mingle at the church for YSA and missionaries so it was really good having food and talking with loads of great people.

There was an inspiring thought from President Donaldson at District conference that I loved!! There was a scripture in D&C 88:64 that he shared a lot of cool thoughts on. It talks about how if we ask Heavenly Father anything, we can receive an answer... but only if it is "expedient" to us. So what does that mean? Well basically, what I took from it was that we must be willing to have faith and act based on the answer we get. We must ask with "real intent" like it says in Moroni's promise, in order to receive an answer from Heavenly Father. Receiving a witness from the Holy Spirit also includes an obligation to act on the promptings that we get. If we ask Heavenly Father a question with real intent and sincerity, in order to have real intent we must be willing to accept and act on whatever the answer is. So we need to continue to pray faithfully and with real intent if we are to receive an answer from our loving Father in heaven.

I am incredibly excited to be in Galway for 6 more weeks!! There are definitely great things in store for me here!

Irish street musician
(The instrument is called a Hurdy Gurdy- with a crank and keyboard)
National University of Ireland-Galway

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