Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Down week in Galway, but it's Not Stopping us!

October 26, 2015
Well it was quite a difficult week here in Galway, but we persevered and found a bit of success and joy towards the end of the week! But it couldn't have started out any worse- we had 10 dropped appointments our first three days, TEN! (We had 16 by the end of the week) We couldn't teach anyone at the beginning of the week because they all didn't show up or canceled on us; it was pretty sad. And to add to it, it basically poured nonstop for those three days as well- so they were long, depressing days.

But it a got a bit better towards the end of the week! We were able to teach Clayton twice and he seems to continue to understand everything we teach and still has a desire to get baptized, so that's pretty exciting! I had an exchange with Elder Dewsbery on Friday, and we found a few really cool people on the streets that agreed to meet up another time so we could teach them. Elder Christensen and I have been finding a lot of great people as well, so with all the finding we have been doing we were able to teach a few new investigators on the weekend who are really great!! However, getting people at church wasn't nearly as successful this week- we weren't able to get any investigators this time! Even Clayton who said all week that he could come, didn't end up coming because he was working late the night before... so it was a real bummer. He may not be able to make his baptismal date of November 7th anymore, but we will see what happens.

But Sunday wasn't all bad! On the bright side, I woke up with an extra hour of sleep because of daylight savings! It's weird observing DST after not having to worry about it most of my life, but I was definitely grateful for the extra hour of sleep. But it is getting dark so early now! Probably 5:30 is about sunset now, so crazy! Oh and we got this awesome new young couple who just moved into the branch! The husband is a convert and the wife is a returned missionary and they just graduated from BYU, so they will be great additions to the branch and probably helpful for our missionary work as well! 

I have been studying quite a bit about forgiveness lately, and I love the parable that comes from Matthew 18 that talks about the king and his servants. Thinking about Heavenly Father and his incredible mercy towards us and willingness to forgive us is amazing. If we thought about Heavenly Father's mercy towards us every time we got angry or frustrated with someone, it would be so easy for us to forgive. We must remember that we are asked to forgive everyone no matter what and love them like the Savior and just let God make his judgments (D&C 64: 9-11).

We are pressing forward with great attitudes- ready to work hard!

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