Wednesday, October 7, 2015

General Conference

General Conference Broadcast

October 5, 2015
Well I guess I better start out with the highlight of this week- General Conference of course!! General Conference as a missionary is AMAZING!! It just feels like a time to relax and fully focus on one thing without any distractions. So I am sure everyone is wondering how it works over here with the time difference and everything... It was actually really fun!! So 2 of the sessions we were able to watch live: the Saturday morning and Sunday morning sessions. So on Saturday evening, the 4 of us missionaries went to the church and set it up for conference by rearranging the pulpit and chairs and everything to make it accommodating for conference. We wheeled in the TV at the church, which is really nice quality and connects directly to the internet, so it wasn't too tough to broadcast conference. Because there are so many members that live far away, there are hardly any members that come to the church to watch conference. So when we watched the Saturday morning session live at 5pm here, there were two members at the church with us watching conference. It was actually really fun because we bought popcorn and sweets and  drinks everything and basically had the closest thing to a movie night that we can have as missionaries haha. So then on Sunday, we basically were at the church all day long! We watched a rebroadcast of the Priesthood Session at 11am and a rebroadcast of the Saturday afternoon session at 1pm. Then we watched the Sunday morning session live at 5pm. So we had this amazing plan to get investigators to come watch the Sunday morning session with us at 5pm! We figured it would be a prime opportunity with it being the early evening and everything so we invited everyone to come early at 4.30 for a pancake party.

 We invited everyone and we had loads of people commit to come and eat pancakes and then watch conference with us... but it didn't work out quite how we planned. So made a ton of pancakes and had it all in place, but between the 4 of us missionaries, only 1 investigator showed up. It was Elder Williams and Elder Dewsbery's investigator too, so it was a bit disappointing for me and Elder Christensen. But we still had a great time and a few more members came to that session too so they at pancakes with us, so it was still fun! Oh and the Sunday afternoon session of conference I still haven't watched because it was on too late here. I will have to print off the talks later or find a bit of free time to watch it at the church or something.

     But WOW it was an incredible conference!!! So many amazing talks!! And it was so exciting to see the 3 new apostles get called- they seem like incredible men. Some of my favorite talks were Neil L. Anderson's from Priesthood session about faith, Jeffrey R. Holland's talk about mothers and the Atonement of Christ (who didn't love that talk!?). Larry R. Lawrence's talk about improving ourselves, and Russell M. Nelson's talk about the role of women, and Henry B. Eyring's talk about the Holy Ghost (it goes right along with what our mission president is having us focus on). I took so many notes, and there were just so many good thoughts that I loved from the speakers.  

     So the rest of this week wasn't exactly the best. We probably had about 10 dropped appointments this week, and several where we even had members with us to help teach! We did still teach a few people, but we didn't contribute a whole lot to the huge zone goal of getting 50 lessons with members present, so I hope the rest of the zone did better than us. But even though we didn't have the best week, I feel like we worked really hard and did as much as we could to help achieve our goals. We got our new bikes lasty Monday too, and they are sooo nice! We can fly around on our bikes now. There are areas a bit out of Galway we can travel to with no problem now, so it's definitely going to help us with the work! Oh and it was nice because there was absolutely no rain the whole week long!! However, it was still pretty gray and cloudy most of the week. So it's weird, almost every morning now, there is just really thick, cold fog covering Galway (I suppose because we are right on the coast). Some days it clears up and becomes really clear and sunny, but some days it just sticks around, making it a cold, gray day. It is feeling MUCH colder all of a sudden this last week. When we leave the flat in the morning when there is fog, it feels like the coldest it ever gets back in AZ... and it's only October. It is also getting much darker in the mornings and evenings. It is pitch black by the time we bike back to the flat every night and pitch black when we wake up in the morning... it's a good thing we got new lights with our new bikes.

    Well this upcoming week seems like it will be pretty great! We have a zone conference in Limerick on Thursday, so it will be fun to travel there again one last time now that we don't go there for our district meetings anymore. And many of all the new investigators who we found seem like they should be pretty solid, so we are excited for all the opportunities we will have!

NEW bike!!

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