Monday, November 30, 2015

Incredible week in Galway

 November 30, 2015
 Wow what an incredible week it was!! The big news is that Clayton passed his baptismal interview this week! And he came to church this Sunday, so everything is all set for him to be baptized this coming Saturday! One of our zone leaders, Elder Ensign interviewed him, and when they came out of the interview, Elder Ensign said "Wow, he knows a lot!" Clayton is such a champ! Because there is no baptismal font at our church in Galway, we have to travel down to Limerick for the baptism so he can be baptized in the font there, but Clayton is willing to do that and some members are going to travel down for the baptism as well, so we are thrilled! It will be especially wonderful as it will be the first baptism for both Elder Carmichael and myself. Pray that it all goes well this week!
     We were able to do a lot of teaching this week, which was pretty exciting. As a district, we taught more lessons this week than we did any week last transfer, so things are definitely going great for us in Galway! I went on exchanges with Elder Scholz this week and it was loads of fun. He is already a great missionary and seems much braver than I was when I first started my mission. We all get along really in our flat and definitely push each other to be the best that we can. I have been so busy lately with teaching and preparing training for district meetings and everything else, it feels like I have no spare time at all. So I apologize I haven't written letters to all those who have written me. I will find time at some point to reply!
     We have started teaching so many great people recently that we are so excited about! Above all, there is a girl named Victoria who is incredibly prepared for missionaries. We went to her home last night to teach her and it may have been the best lesson I have experienced on my mission thus far. We taught her about the Holy Ghost along with the Restoration and the Spirit was incredibly strong the whole time! We invited her to baptized and she accepted. She said that this is something that she had been searching for for a year and after she accepted our invitation to be baptized, she said she felt like a warm, comfy jacket was placed on her, so we were able to point out that it was the Holy Ghost that she felt. There are so many other great aspects about the lesson and it was just an absolutely perfect lesson in every aspect- I wish I had time to describe everything about it. She said that she really felt that we were guided to her. It seriously seems like a cheesy, miracle story that RM's give at their homecoming talk, but it really was amazing! Oh, and she lives right by some members who can give her a lift to church on Sunday, so it really is perfect! Elder Carmichael and I were ecstatic after the lesson, and we are so excited to teach her a couple more times this week.
     Even though I have been in Galway so long... I really do want to stay one more transfer! There are just so many good things happening that I have to watch it all unfold. Plus, I really would love to stay in a place for Christmas where I know everyone already!

     I almost forgot to mention anything about Thanksgiving this week... well it's Ireland and there was of course absolutely zero hint of Thanksgiving around. I had actually forgotten all day about thanksgiving until we met a couple of Americans on the street who wished us a Happy Thanksgiving. But we did have a really wonderful thanksgiving dinner at a member family's home this week! They lived in the US for a few years before moving back to Ireland, so they knew how to prepare a proper thanksgiving fortunately. We had lots of turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, and other vegetables, and I was pretty full afterward, so I had at least a glimpse of Thanksgiving this year!

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