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Galway Elders with their Christmas Jumpers (= U.S. Sweater)
December 14, 2015
All my prayers and hopes were made true!! I'm staying in Galway!!! In fact all 4 of us here in Galway are staying together for one more transfer, so we were all thrilled! So since we just had a 5 week transfer, this upcoming transfer will be 7 weeks, which makes our next moves call the 31st of January. Maybe by then I will be ready to leave Galway. But for now I am ecstatic to be staying in Galway for Christmas! I love all the members here and I know it will be a great holiday season here.
     So it was a pretty busy, but exciting week! On Saturday we had our branch Christmas party, which was loads of fun!! All the members of the branch were there with many of their nonmember friends and family members. There were so many people and lots of good food as well.
Branch Christmas party
Clayton was able to come and had such a good time with all the members there! Karen, the member from Colombia who came to church last week also came with her friend, and they loved being there as well. The whole thing was just so much fun and wonderful from a missionary perspective.
     We are still teaching so many great people and finding new people all the time!
Christy Family

Clayton- newest Galway member

Victoria is still progressing really well and was able to make it to the Christmas party too! However, she was a little unwell while at the party and she ended up not being able to come to church the next day either, so that was unfortunate. But we are teaching her almost every day now, and she still seems really excited for baptism. She was so happy to hear that we were both staying in Galway as well!
     Yesterday at church we had the primary program during sacrament meeting, which I was the pianist for. After practicing at church the last few weeks with the children, it wasn't too difficult at all and I really loved it! Primary songs are so fun to play for all the children. I think the program went about as well as it could have for there being only 5 children- all under 8 years old. It definitely was quite different from the big primary programs they have back home, but it was really fun to be a part of.
     So we also had another All-Ireland conference this week! And Elder Patrick Kearon of the Seventy (and Europe Area President) was there the whole time and spoke to us. He shook all of our hands at the beginning like Elder Ballard when he was here last month. Elder Kearon is an incredible speaker and gave us some great counsel and instruction. He spoke very powerfully, but most of it was simply an interactive discussion with all of us missionaries. He asked a lot of questions and allowed many of us to share our thoughts. He spoke about a lot of things, but here are some of my favorite quotes: "Our true conversion takes place when we are consumed with the conversion of others." "Happiness doesn't come from feeding ourselves, but from serving others." He also spoke a lot about the Atonement and how it is literally infinite and eternal and reaches all of God's children. Any person we meet on the street is not out of reach of Christ's Atonement. Elder Kearon also spoke a lot about having the right attitude and attacking the day each and every morning. Each day we must cheerfully do the will of Heavenly Father.

     Well this was a wonderful week, and I think this upcoming week may be even better! I am so excited to be staying in Galway and I know there are great opportunities ahead.

Irish street perfomer playing his tin whistle with his donkey riding dog

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