Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nollaig Shona!!

December 21, 2015
So I have to keep this very brief because we have almost no time to email today, but it was a pretty wonderful week for us in Galway! Victoria passed her baptismal interview this week and came to church this last Sunday, so she should be all prepared and ready for baptism this coming Saturday the 26th. She is so wonderful and we are so happy for how much she has progressed since we first start meeting with her. She has such great desires to be Christ-like and become the best that she can be.

 We had a wonderful Christmas sacrament meeting yesterday as well. We sang nearly all the Christmas songs in the hymn book, a couple musical numbers (including my piano solo, which many of the branch members seemed to enjoy), and readings of Christmas scriptures. Galway has been sooo busy in the city centre with all the Christmas shopping and people coming in from out of town. Yesterday, it was just packed with people all day and I imagine it will be the same all this week up until Christmas.

Galway City Centre decorated for Christmas
Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas this week! Happy Christmas!! (as they usually say here in Ireland) or even better: Nollaig Shona!! (Irish)

Galway Christmas Market

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