Monday, December 28, 2015

Wonderful Christmas and Victoria's Baptism

Victoria's Baptism Day- 12/26/2015
December 28, 2015        
          Wow what a joyous week it was!! Celebrating Christmas as a missionary was absolutely wonderful! I like how it's a change from lazing around in pajamas all day, to going out and visiting and spending time with so many different people. On Christmas Eve, we had a great dinner at the senior couple's home, and then went to Tim & Page Morgan's home for desserts. Tim and Page are also currently moving homes, so on Christmas morning after opening our gifts, we cycled through the rain to help them move stuff from one home to the other. Then we visited Clayton for a bit and played games and watched part of a movie with him. I think he probably appreciated it as he doesn't have any family here in Ireland. Then we went to a member family's home for lunch, the Curran's. And then we went to the Christy's in the evening to skype home and eat dinner and play games. Skyping was so great being able to see everyone, I loved it! 40 minutes just seems to be not enough time though!

     Victoria's baptism was on Saturday!! It was down in Limerick again, so we had to travel , but it was a wonderful service!! A few more members of the branch came this time, and there were loads of missionaries, investigators, and members from Limerick there as well. It was a very special day for Victoria and she seemed to be so happy afterward. Being able to baptise Victoria was also special for me as well- she is such a wonderful person. I am so blessed to have found, taught, and baptised both Victoria and Clayton whilst in Galway! I know there are so many others prepared for us here. January will be another special month. Unfortunately, due to some health concerns, Victoria was unable to make it to church yesterday, so she hasn't been confirmed yet. She was really disappointed, but is really looking forward to receiving the Holy Ghost next week!

     We are working with so many great people as well. We had two Brazilians investigators this week at church also! I don't have much time this week to talk about them, but they are both wonderful people, and we are excited to teach them this week! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and will have a great New Year's celebration this week!

Enjoying a little "snow"  on Christmas Eve  

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