Thursday, January 21, 2016

Down week...but great Sunday!

 January 18, 2016
  Well it was a bit of a down week for Elder Carmichael and me. We still feel like we worked really hard, but there was just a whole lot that didn't go our way. Sometimes the agency of others can be bit frustrating, haha. There were a lot of dropped appointments and even a few investigators who have decided to not meet with us anymore, so it was a bit disappointing and we didn't have a whole lot of opportunities to teach this week. So it wasn't a brilliant week filled with success like the last few weeks, but we definitely aren't worried. We were just humbled a bit, but we know that we will get back to our ways again soon. 
       On Tuesday the Zone Leaders came to our district meeting and then Elder Carmichael and I went back to Limerick with them and went on exchanges there. We had a great day in Limerick, and it is always fun being with the zone leaders to see how they do missionary work. We slept the night in Limerick and bussed back in the morning.
     Sunday was definitely the highlight of our week! President Thompson, of the mission presidency (overlooks Ireland), and his wife attended our branch. Victoria and Clayton were both able to be at church so I think it was really good for them to hear Pres. Thompson and his wife speak and also meet them. And it was Alex Christy's farewell this week also because she is reporting to the MTC on Thursday, so it was just an incredible sacrament meeting with great speakers! Oh and there was this awesome Brazilian girl that we met on Saturday night and we asked if she wanted to come to church with us the next day, and she did! We walked with her to church from the city centre and we think she really enjoyed it (probably a really good first sacrament meeting for her). We are teaching her on Tuesday so we are really excited!
     This week we have zone interview training on Thursday, so I will be going down to Limerick again, but I am really excited for the instruction and interviews with President Donaldson. Oh and there is also a world-wide missionary broadcast this week, so we will watch the rebroadcast of that on Thursday after ZIT. 
     So a recurring theme from church on Sunday that I really liked was the story of Peter walking on water found in Matthew 14. I love that story and how we can apply that into our own lives. Never let the Savior leave our gaze. If we keep Him the centre of our focus and exercise our faith, we will not falter! As soon as we take Christ out of our sight, that is when we will be engulfed by the perilous tempest that surrounds us in the world today. I think this is a huge reason why one of our promises at baptism is to "always remember Him."
     Only 2 weeks til moves call! My time in Galway is quickly running out, so I am excited to make the most of it!
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