Monday, February 15, 2016

Fun and stressful week!

February 15, 2016
       So my first full week in Glasgow was quite exciting! Very fun... but very stressful at the same time. But Elder Cook and I work really well together to make the most of the time that we have. We work so effectively together, I love it!

      The week started out great! We were able to teach a lot of lessons and find so many great people to start teaching soon. I went on exchanges with one of our district leaders this week, Elder Corcoran, who is from Australia. He is so fun and we had a great day together. We were quite worried about our friend Idris who was to be baptised on Saturday because we hadn't taught him everything, but it finally worked out and he was interviewed for baptism on Wednesday and passed with flying colors, so we were a lot less worried and more excited for him to be baptised on Saturday. On Friday, we went to Edinburgh to go on exchanges with the Assistants to the President, Elder Haller and Elder Ilori. I was with Elder Haller for the day and it was another fun exchange. Edinburgh is such a beautiful city, I love going there! Elder Haller and did some really good work as well- we taught a girl who we had just met that day and she was so cool! And we taught a few other lessons as well. I learned a lot from Elder Haller and it was just an all-around fun day. We stayed the night in the mission home and got to interact with President Donaldson quite a bit as well, which is always such a great experience! 

      Then Saturday began... It was pretty crazy right from the start. We started driving back to Glasgow from Edinburgh in the morning and we realized we forgot something part of the way, so we had to go back and get it. So we got back to Glasgow a bit later than we thought, then a few appointments dropped. There were some emergency moves that were happening in the mission because of certain situations, and it affected our zone a lot, so then we had to move some missionaries around with their luggage so they could get to their areas safely. Meanwhile, we were trying to organize everything for Idris' baptism later (sorting out the baptismal program and the members coming and filling the font and everything), so we were at least grateful to have a baptism that day. We had called Idris in the morning and he expressed how excited he was and everything! However... about an hour and a half before his baptism we got a text from Idris. He said he felt like he wasn't ready and needed to read the Book of Mormon more. We were shocked a little bit and tried to text and call him and even go by his home to talk with him about it... but we couldn't get any response! So we had to call off the baptism an hour before and it made things a bit tricky, but we are just hoping everything is okay with Idris! We still haven't heard from him, so we are praying that everything is okay. And then just about all the rest of our appointments on Saturday also dropped... so it was a pretty stressful day for sure.
     But we had a pretty good end to the week. It was stake conference on Sunday, which was fantastic! President Donaldson was there and gave such a powerful talk, it was incredible!!! He talked about three holies: the Holy Scriptures, the Holy Temple, and the Holy Sabbath. About how those three Holy things can help sanctify ourselves. It was a great conference and we got to see all the missionaries in our zone because they attended, so it was a good end to the week for sure!

     This upcoming week should be really fun! Hopefully we can get Idris prepared for baptism this coming week and we have another man named John who is so solid and scheduled for baptism this coming Saturday, so we are really excited! We also have about 3 exchanges planned, so it should be a great week for sure.

P.S.  Oh and I also failed to mention that it has been sooo cold lately! On Saturday it was snowing pretty good throughout the day! In the morning we usually have to scrape the ice off our car. It was -3 Celsius when we got in our car for church yesterday.

Love these two converts in Galway!  

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