Monday, February 8, 2016


February 8, 2015
So I don't have a whole lot of time right now, because we have teaching appointments soon and my computer was having some problems at the library, but I will do the best I can to convey as much as I can with the short time.

 On Tuesday I left Galway. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I knew great adventures would lie ahead. Elder Carmichael and I experienced a lot of success in our last few days together! So all 4 of us in Galway bussed to Dublin where we stayed the night. On Wednesday, I bussed to Belfast, took a ferry across to Scotland and then bussed to Glasgow from the coast. there were about 20 missionaries ferrying across, so it was so much fun interacting with each other. 

I love Glasgow!!! It is such a big city, but I love it! There are so many people to find and talk to each day, I love it! Scotland is so much different from Ireland. I don't even know where to begin with everything that has happened. Right from the start when I got there on Wednesday it was busy because I met Elder Cook at the bus station and then we immediately had to start moving missionaries with their luggage to bus stations and train stations and everything because we had to get all the missionaries in our zone back to their areas. There are 12 companionships in Glasgow zone which Elder Cook and I are in charge of. But we have some really good missionaries in our zone, so I am very excited to work with all our missionaries and help them have incredible success.
My companion, Elder Cook is awesome!! He is from Pocatello, Idaho and has been out just over year. I think the two of us are the two youngest zone leaders, but we are left to run the biggest city in the mission! But we get along so well and we work so hard together, so I am really excited!
New companion- Elder Cook
We have so many great people we are working with right now! We actually have 6 people with baptismal dates right now and we are finding and teaching new people everyday! A man named Idris from Nigeria is getting baptized this week, so that is real exciting! I can explain more about the people we are working with another day when I have more time. But there are some wonderful, solid people we are working with.

Our ward seems pretty great as well! I am in the Springboig ward and I go to church at the Glasgow Stake centre. Another ward also meets there on Sunday as well- the Glasgow ward. It is a pretty big building! Our ward has about 100 people and we had a great testimony meeting at church yesterday. Everything is so much different from Galway obviously, because it is so much bigger. But I think it's great! 

I guess a little bit more about Scotland... The Scottish accent is tough. I am still trying to pick it up because sometimes it is very difficult to understand a few people with thicker accents.... I'm used to the Irish haha. It rains A LOT here in Glasgow! So far, it seems even more than Galway. But it's nice that we have a car and get to do a lot of teaching, so I don't get nearly as soaked. 

Well I think that's all I have time for for now, but I well do my best to have more time to explain more things next week. Glasgow is incredible!

Glasgow City Centre
(George Square)   

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