Friday, February 5, 2016

Goodbye Galway...Hello Glasgow!

February 1, 2016
Well I couldn't be more excited right now!!! So unfortunately, I will no longer be serving here in Ireland... but I am really not disappointed at all. I am headed off to Glasgow, Scotland!!!! And guess what?!? I am going to be a zone leader there!! I have no idea how... I feel like my mission just started... I've only been out 7 months. But somehow it was deemed that I would be worthy to be a zone leader. I feel like I am going to learn and grow A LOT over the next few months. There are so many more responsibilities that I have to take on to lead a zone and the expectations will be high. But it will be quite an adventure! I am humbled to be given this opportunity. And I am even more excited because I already know my next companion! I will be with Elder Cook, who is from Idaho. I love Elder Cook!!! So he trained a missionary that was in the MTC with me, so he was one of the first missionaries I met when I got to the mission home. And I actually talked with him quite a bit on the first day before we got assigned trainers. And he served in Limerick Zone for my first 3 transfers, so I have had a lot of interactions with him. He is such a great missionary! I am seriously ecstatic to be serving with him. We are going to have so much fun in Glasgow! 
     Well I haven't gotten all my travel plans yet, but I got my bus and ferry tickets to make it from Dublin to Glasgow, so I will likely travel to Dublin tomorrow night! It will be quite annoying to pack up everything... I haven't packed since the MTC! Hopefully I can fit everything that I have bought and acquired here in Galway. So there is some pretty cool news for the other Elders here in Galway also! Elder Carmichael is becoming the new district leader and is also training a new missionary! So he will have a lot of travel also going to Edinburgh and back. Elder Williams is going up to serve in Northern Ireland and Elder Scholz is staying Galway and getting a new companion who is coming from Edinburgh. So it was a real exciting moves call for us last night!
     Elder Carmichael and I finished pretty strong this last week together in Galway! We were able to teach a lot and taught 8 new investigators!! That is the most I have had in a long time!! So it was a great way to finish my time here. I honestly would really love to stay here in Galway... it's just great, but I think I am finally prepared to leave. I know Elder Carmichael will do a great job continuing all the success we have had here! He will be a great example to a new missionary. Unfortunately, we were not able to get any of our investigators at church this week, but with all the new people we just started teaching, I know there will be some very committed people that will come out of it. Elder Williams and Elder Scholz started teaching a super solid person this week who already has a baptismal date, and she came to church and she loved it, so I am so excited for their success as well! As a district, this was probably the best week we have had in the last few months! I am so happy to be leaving Galway on a high note!
I'll miss this city! 
     So Elder Carmichael just came from Glasgow zone before coming to Galway, so he was able to fill me in a bit on what it is like. Glasgow is huge!! Biggest city in the mission. So with so many people, there is so much potential. I will be in the Springboig ward in the Glasgow Stake. Elder Carmichael said it is a good-sized ward, so it will be quite a contrast from Galway. There are so many people to say goodbye to and packing and preparations to do, so I will leave it a that for now, but I will probably have sooooo much to say about my new area next week! I am incredibly excited for the opportunities ahead!

Last look at the seashore

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