Monday, February 22, 2016

I love Glasgow!

A friend was in Edinburgh this week and stopped at the mission home to drop off a package for us.
February 22, 2016
     Wow time has been moving so fast! Because it is only a 4 week transfer, we will receive our moves call this Sunday! I am sure it is unlikely that I will be moving at all, and hopefully Elder Cook won't be moving either, but sometimes President Donaldson likes to make surprises, so we will see. I love Glasgow and I would be heartbroken to leave whilst experiencing so much success!

     This week was extremely busy, but extremely rewarding! We taught more lessons this week then I ever had previously on my mission by far!! Because Glasgow is so big, putting in the diligent effort is all it takes to see success. Elder Cook and I taught over 20 lessons and were able to set several new investigators with baptismal dates. Unfortunately were unable to have any baptisms this week, because John felt unprepared for baptism (even though he is so ready!) and we still have no contact with Idris sadly. But we have so many good things happening and March should be such a big month for us! 

     I went on 3 exchanges this week with some Elders in my zone. I was with Elder Mcpherson from Utah on Tuesday, Elder Arave from Utah, on Wednesday, and Elder Jones from Wales on Friday. It seems like I was hardly with Elder Cook at all this week because of all the exchanges. But it was a lot of fun and it's great being able to learn from and help out other missionaries. Our zone is doing pretty well right now in the mission as well! We had two baptisms in the zone this week, one of which Elder Cook and I attended with an investigator. So I don't know if I have mentioned yet, but there is a pretty big Chinese student population in Glasgow with all the universities here. Because of that, we have some missionaries in our zone who speak Chinese and are dedicated mainly to teaching Chinese students. The baptism we attended on Saturday was a Chinese girl getting baptised, and it was such a cool service! The speakers at the baptism were also a couple of Chinese recent converts as well. The other ward that meets in our church building has all the Chinese in their ward, so it's like a cool Chinese community within the ward! The Chinese Elders are doing really well- they have 3 more scheduled to be baptised in the next few weeks! 

Vauxhall Meriva- Zone car Elder Oxspring & Elder Cook drive 
       On Sunday, I gave a talk in church. It was on sharing the gospel, so it was pretty easy to prepare for that of course haha. I think it went pretty well though! We were fortunate to have two of our investigators at church this week. John was there of course- he is so committed! And a college student we began teaching this week named Lois came. She is so great and accepted a date for baptism on our first lesson. She seems very interested as well and is so fun to teach, so we are excited for her.

     We are anticipating another big week, so it should be exciting! Hopefully there will be no news next week that either Elder Cook or I are leaving Glasgow.

Inside Elder Oxspring's flat
in Glasgow

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