Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter (and Elder Oxspring's Birthday)!

Monday, March 28, 2016
       I hope everyone had a Happy Easter yesterday!! It wasn't really that much different for us. Surprisingly, Easter seemed to be hardly celebrated at all out here. I know there are a lot of atheists here, but I thought that people would still celebrate at least. But nope, we asked sooo many people yesterday on the street if they did anything to celebrate Easter, and not many people actually celebrated it at all. So that was a bit sad to see... But I am so grateful for the opportunity yesterday I had to remember the Savior, His Atonement, and especially the Resurrection. Our investigator John bought us these giant chocolate Easter eggs, so that was so nice. We love him so much- he is incredible!!
Scenery on the way to the ferry port

     This week wasn't too out of the ordinary besides our long journey on Monday from Glasgow, to the west coast ferry port in Cairnryan, to the mission home in Edinburgh, and then back to Glasgow- which took up almost our entire P-Day. But it was fun being able to spend a lot of time practicing my driving and seeing the beautiful views along the coast.
Elder Cook and Elder Oxspringmaking the long drive to the coast,
Edinburgh and back to Glasgow. 

 We were able to teach a LOT of lessons again this week, mainly first lessons though because we are rebuilding our teaching pool after a few people dropped us, but we still have so many of our friends with baptismal dates, so that's pretty exciting! John is all set to be baptised this Wednesday!!! Like I said earlier, he is so incredible. He is going to be such a great member of the ward, and he is excited to participate and hold callings and just do whatever he can to help the church because he knows it is true and the perfect place for him to be. Elder Cook will be baptising him this week, and then I will confirm him the Sunday after general conference.

John is getting baptized this week!
      So we didn't have quite as many of our friends at church this week, only 4, which is still really good, but just not quite as many as our 8 last week- which is incredibly good! It was almost stressful trying to take care of all our investigators and getting members to fellowship them and what not. There were also 3 others that we found and went to the other ward in Glasgow because of boundaries or they were Chinese, so from our efforts, there were about 11 people at church last week! I think that was about 10% of the mission total as well! We are so excited for this upcoming weekend, with general conference!! It is guaranteed to be super spiritually edifying and there are multiple sessions, so hopefully even more people can attend. Things are going so well for us and our zone!! I just pray that the Lord can keep blessing us with success as we do our best to be diligent and obedient. We owe it all to the Lord, and the Spirit that is with us, which helps others come unto Christ. 

One of the districts in Elders Cook and Oxspring's district:
Elders Corcoran, Bradshaw (St. Johns's, AZ) , Reece and Cropper
Exchanges with the AP's: Elder Ilori and Elder Haller

A cold night in front of the Glasgow chapel

Innocent's baptism day-
 Elder Oxspring taught him and set a baptism date the week before he left Galway


                               Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (Elder Oxspring emails from the library inside sometimes)

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