Thursday, March 10, 2016

Moves Week

Overlooking part of Glasgow
Monday, March 7, 2016
    So it was a pretty crazy week for us even though neither Elder Cook and I had to move areas. So we were in charge of all the missionaries moving in and out of our zone as well as everyone passing through Glasgow, which is a pretty big deal because everyone moving from Ireland to Scotland or vice versa passes through Glasgow. So we had quite a lot to handle this week. Last Monday was the moves planning day where we have to plan all the transportation and travel times for missionaries moving through our zone, which took up most of our day. Then on Wednesday, we spent most of the day transporting missionaries and making sure everyone got to the right places on time. It was quite stressful from the start... our first phone call in the morning we got at 6:45 when a couple missionaries missed their train to Glagow, so we had to quickly figure out some alternate arrangements. It was a pretty busy day to say the least... we probably had to handle 20 or 30 missionaries that were coming to, leaving, or passing through Glasgow.

     But we had a pretty great week anyway, despite having to take care of a lot of responsibilities. We were able to teach many, many lessons again and found so many new people. Elder Cook and I just get things done! We weren't quite able get quite as many people at church as last week, but we were still able to have 3 investigators there. It was a pretty special Sunday because it was Mother's Day here in the UK. I thought I had forgot about Mother's Day at first, but then I realized it was a different day here than the US, so I was relieved that was the case. 

     So it has been a bit difficult for our investigator, John. His family has been very against him joining the church, and it has been getting to him. He doesn't want to set any date for baptism, but we are really praying he can overcome some of the challenges and that we can still work with him. We are excited about a few of the others we are working with though. We have a few people scheduled for baptism at the end of this month, so hopefully the individuals we are with can continue to progress.
Missionary apartment building
     Our zone has been doing pretty well lately though. We had 3 more baptisms this week in our zone, including 2 more Chinese students, so we are really excited. We had a couple areas in our zone get shut down for this transfer because there wasn't much happening there, so we have a pretty small zone now, but we are confident we will still continue to do really well.

     Well that's all for this week. We are really excited for the month of March and for this transfer.
Great opportunities are ahead!

             A little tour
             of Glasgow

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