Monday, April 11, 2016

Goodbye Elder Cook

 Monday, April 11, 2015
    Well our moves calls are in! Sadly, Elder Cook will be leaving and will be headed off to be Dundee zone leader. I am pretty sad about that, but I am really excited to be staying here in Glasgow!! My new companion is Elder Villanueva (usually goes by Elder V) from Texas. I have met him a few times, but I don't know him personally a whole lot. We became zone leaders right about the same time, but he is pretty close to the end of the mission. I will have to show him the ropes around Glasgow and help sustain the success we have had recently! There are so many changes in the zone, but SO many great missionaries coming in, so I am really excited! I think we have the best zones in the mission by far! What's exciting is that Elder Carmichael is coming to Glasgow!! He will be a district leader here, and we will even be serving in the same ward. I am so excited to serve around him again!

     Elder Cook and I had another incredible week! The best part about it was that there was no "extra stuff" like meetings or conferences that took up time. So we could literally just spend all our time doing missionary work- teaching and finding. We did a LOT of teaching and a LOT of finding; we were pretty exhausted the whole week from working. But there are so many great things happening. We have a few new investigators that are really incredible, especially this student-age guy named Jason. He loved the plan of Salvation and after we shared it, we asked him what he would do with this knowledge he now has, and he said he should probably follow the steps of the gosepl of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost), and so he agreed to be baptised at the end of this month, April 30th. We really think he can make that baptismal date! Lois, who we have been working with for a while, and who was going through a rough patch for a little while, is regaining a lot of faith and is working towards baptism again! She came to church this week and really enjoyed it again.

     Sunday was a really great day all-around. We had 4 of our friends at church (including Lois), as well it was John's confirmation day! I had the privilege of confirming John into the church and giving him the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was amazing!! I had never done it before, but I really felt guided in my words. The Spirit was incredibly strong- I almost felt as if I was floating strangely, but it really was incredible! And the members welcomed him so much into the ward after his confirmation, and he bore a bit of his testimony in Priesthood about how great he feels about making his decision. He is such a great member already!

      Well I have a pretty busy week, starting today with planning all the moves for missionaries travelling to, from, and through Glasgow and then moving everyone around on Tuesday. It should be pretty crazy, but it will be a great week nonetheless! So many great opportunities ahead for me and for the Glasgow zone!

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