Monday, April 25, 2016


Monday, April 25, 2016
      Wow what a great week it was!! This week had the most beautiful weather I have ever seen in Glasgow by far! The sun was shining and there were almost no clouds in the sky basically the whole week. Which was great for us because that meant that soooo many people were out enjoying the sun. It actually got pretty warm and I didn't need a coat for a couple days. It gave us so many great opportunities to find new people here. Whenever we were inside teaching this week, I felt like I almost had a nervous tick or something because I was just so anxious to be outside finding more people... So we spent almost no time in the flat this week because it just felt so wrong. 

     Luckily, we were able to spend lots of time finding people in the sun, but also did lots of teaching and taught over 20 lessons. There weren't a whole lot of exciting things that happened this week... but I am actually pretty grateful because that meant that I spent like all my time doing actual missionary work- teaching and finding. I went on exchanges with Elder Blettenberg this week, from Idaho. He is actually in my MTC group, so it was a real fun exchange being with him again.

     A miracle story this week, but also kind of a sad story is that one of my favorite investigators Rhianna, who had moved into a new flat in Glasgow out of our area, actually had to move into a new living place in Kilmarnock, a bit more east, where she went to church this Sunday, but then due to some very tough circumstances had to leave where she was living there, and is now back in our area in Glasgow. She is in a very difficult situation right now, but we have been trying to help her out a lot, but despite everything she has so much faith and has a really strong desire to be baptised, so as long as she stays in Glasgow, hopefully she will be baptised in the next couple weeks. 

John is still doing great!! He was interviewed this last Sunday for the Priesthood, so he should be ordained this coming week, so that is really exciting.
(Got this picture in a text as a nice surprise from someone visiting the Glasgow ward from the US this week!)  

      This week we have a lot of crazy things going on! We go to Edinburgh this Tuesday to exchange with the AP's, then go to Edinburgh again on Thursday for MLC, so there are a lot of meetings this week which means we will have to create a lot more opportunities for missionary work for sure. Elder V and I are getting along great and the zone seems to be improving a lot as well, so we are really excited for the opportunities ahead!

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