Monday, May 2, 2016

Lots of travel, but lots of success!

Monday, May 2, 2016
     Well it was quite a crazy busy this week with all the travel we had to do! We were in Edinburgh 3 times this week, so it was pretty fun! Although, it was a bit unfortunate that we didn't get to do as much missionary work this week. This week we had exchanges with the Assistants on Tuesday in Edinburgh, which was great. I was with Elder Haller, who was been an AP for almost a year now, so he has lots of experience and we had a lot of fun together! On Thursday, we had our Mission Leadership Conference in Edinburgh with all the Zone leaders and Sister training Leaders in the mission, so I saw a lot of familiar faces I hadn't seen in a while. It was an incredibly uplifting, spiritual experience and we got a lot of great ideas to take back to our zone. We also had our monthly stake missionary coordination meeting after MLC with the stake presidency, counselor to the Mission President, and other stake leaders, so that was great as well!  We conveyed much of the information from MLC to our district leaders at Zone Leadership Council on Friday in Glasgow. We all seemed pretty unified in our purpose and vision and have some great plans to improve the zone. 

     After ZLC, I went on exchanges with an Elder by the name of Elder Davainis. He just got into the mission in March, and he is such a stud! He is from Lithuania, and is a convert of about 3 years. He has an incredible conversion story. He turns 26 this month, none of his family are members, and he gave up a great full-time job because he wanted to serve a mission. He has an incredible testimony and just testifies so simply to people because he knows the Book of Mormon is true. He is always like "It is just so simple: just read and pray about it and you will get an answer" to everyone. He has a really bright future as a missionary! 

     Sunday was a pretty eventful day! We walk into sacrament meeting, and the whole stake presidency is there sitting on the stand. There was a big surprise! Our Bishop just got changed. His first counselor, Brother Campbell is now the Bishop, which we are really excited about!! He is such a loving and social guy, and we have a great relationship with him. His 2 counselors we have a really good relationship with also! So we are really excited because we think the changes will really help the missionary work in the ward. Because of all the changes, John wasn't able to be ordained to the Priesthood this Sunday, but he will be before church next Sunday so he can pass the sacrament. In the evening on Sunday, we went to Edinburgh again with John for a recent convert/ investigator fireside at the mission home. It was such a great experience and John loved it! He even was asked to share his conversion story and testimony which he did great with!! He is so incredible!

     Our zone is on fire right now!! A Chinese girl got baptised this week in Glasgow, and we attended her baptism. Right now, we have the most scheduled with a baptismal date out of the whole mission! We are all working together really well to make great things happen. Elder V and I also had a pretty good week despite all the travel and meetings. Unfortunately, Rhianna is currently moved out of our area but she might move back again sometime soon. But we found so many great people this week. We met with this Scottish girl named Natalie this week, and she is really good and has a desire to make changes to be baptised. We also taught his Nigerian student named Mark, who is also really keen on being baptised and has a baptismal date for the end of the month. So there are lots of good things happening! We will be going to Edinburgh this week again for an All-Scotland Conference, so that should be fun! And then we get to just focus the rest of the time on missionary work, so I am really excited!

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