Thursday, June 30, 2016

1 YEAR in the SIM !

Monday, June 27, 2016

Well it's pretty hard to believe, but I have officially been out here in the UK/ Ireland for over a year now. It's absolutely crazy how quickly how time has just flown by. So many trials, and happy times and heartbreaks and miracles. They say the 2nd year goes by even faster, which I'm not sure is possible, but we'll see! I am excited for  what the second half of my mission has in store.

It was quite a crazy week for us!! Lots of things got changed last minute and we had a couple of difficult situations to deal with. So we originally had our zone conference planned for Wednesday this week, but it got postponed the night before because there was a funeral and wedding happening at the stake centre the same day and a few other things were happening. So on Wednesday we went to Edinburgh to go on exchanges with the Assistants instead. However, when we got there in the morning there were a lot of sudden events that were happening, so Elder V and I had to help out with some emergency moves happening in the mission. Long story short, one of the Assistants, Elder Lindsay, and I had to drive a missionary back to Glasgow who is now part of a trio there, and some new Sisters got moved to our zone until the end of the transfer as well. So it was quite a hectic day driving back and forth between Glasgow and Edinburgh, but we finally got to do some good missionary work in Edinburgh the rest of the day. 

So our Zone conference got moved to Friday, and it was actually really great!! There was some great instruction and I think the whole zone really enjoyed it! The end was incredibly spiritual. After the conference we got some compliments from some of the Sister Training Leaders, and the Assistants who came to the conference, that it was really well done and great preparation was made. So we were really satisfied with it! 

Teaching at the Botanical Gardens
(Lisa-ward member, Lisa-investigator, Me, Elder V)

Even with all the crazy things going on, we were still able to have a pretty good week! Lisa is still doing incredibly well, and has learned all the commandments now and just wants to keep learning more! She's been thinking about baptism more and even talked with her family about it as well, which was a huge step for her. Elder V and I love teaching her. There's a few others that are doing well also, but sometimes we lose contact for a couple days, and then they are back, so there's not as much consistency. But we have found lots of new people as well, so this should be a great week!! 

Sadly, it could be my last week in Glasgow... Elder V and I thought for a while that there was a possibility that Elder V could be taken out of a zone leader role because President doesn't usually like having missionaries ending their missions as ZL's. But after our interviews with President, we think there's probably a good chance that he stays a zone leader, which means that he would probably stay in Glasgow and I would probably get moved somewhere else. So we'll see... I would honestly love to stay here in Glasgow. There are so many great people here that I love working with and it would be so sad to leave. But I trust President Donaldson- he is such an inspired man. So whatever happens, I know it will be perfectly right! 

-Elder Oxspring

Oh and today, Elder V and I went with some other missionaries in our ward, Elder Jones and Elder Shiels to an area way North of Glasgow and hiked this huge hill. So it was a lot of fun, and I'll send some pictures. 

                P- Day hike up 
                Campsie Hill 

Sister Stapley - best friends with a Sister missionary serving in our ward

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