Monday, June 20, 2016

Continuing Success

Monday, June 20, 2016
    Happy Father's Day for all the Dad's out there! For some reason UK Father's Day and US Father's day are the same day, but not Mother's day... oh well, it was great day for me to remember my great father back home as well! 

     Things are going so incredibly well still here in Glasgow! We have experienced so many blessings and miracles recently, it's amazing! 2 baptisms happened in Glasgow this week. A man was baptised into my ward (Springboig Ward), and confirmed on Sunday, as well as a man in the other ward in Glasgow city (Glasgow ward). They had a combined baptismal service on Saturday, which was incredible! I helped out in a musical number that was performed after the people getting baptised were changing- I accompanied a recent convert who sang. As well, there were a lot of investigators, family and friends that were there! The two people who were baptised last week, Keri and Jane, each came to the baptism and brought a friend along, it was so cool!! 

     I went on a lot of exchanges this week again. On Tuesday, I was with Elder Davainis who is a convert from Lithuania! Fun Fact: He is 1 of 2 missionaries in the world who is from Lithuania because the church is really small there. He is such a mature, great missionary! I was with Elder Jones, from Wales on Wednesday (we serve in the same ward so I already know him well), so that was fun. And On Friday, I was with a new Elder to the zone Elder Perkes, from Idaho Falls- he is a really great missionary as well; he started his mission the transfer before I came in. We have so many great missionaries in our zone, which we can clearly tell by all the success that is happening at the moment. We also had a zone leadership council with all the district leaders in the zone on Friday, to reflect on how things are going in the month and how we can improve, so that was a really good meeting!

     Tuesday, was Elder V's birthday, which I know he really enjoyed! We went out to lunch the Monday before (because we were on exchanges Tuesday), however most of the zone all went together to eat right after district meetings as well for Elder V's birthday, so that was fun. He had a cool surprise because his first companion on his mission, Elder Walters (who I actually replaced here in Glasgow because he was zone leader with Elder Cook right before I came) was back in Scotland and Ireland touring around and was in Glasgow on Tuesday and we met him on the street, and he took Elder V out to dinner. 

      The highlight of this week, is this incredible girl we started teaching named Lisa! She is sooo eager to learn and we love meeting with her. I met her Tuesday on the street, and we taught her Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and this morning as well. She came to the baptism on Saturday and church on Sunday! She got along so well with so many members in our ward. She is social, and everyone was just chatting away with her! She lives right by the church as well, so it's really convenient being able to meet there. We have already started teaching her a lot of the commandments, and she is really willing to follow them and make positive changes in her life. Yeah, so she is just amazing! 

      Many of our other friends we are teaching are on summer holidays at the moment or are pretty busy. But we are always finding new, great people as well. Glasgow has so much potential! This upcoming week, there is likely to be another baptism in Glasgow ward for this girl who has a lot of ups and downs with her faith, but we fasted as a zone for her and so we are really hoping she can make her baptismal date on Friday. We also have our zone conference this Wednesday, and probably exchanges with the Assistants this week sometime as well, so there is a lot to look forward to this week, we are really excited!

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