Monday, June 6, 2016

New Transfer, New Opportunities

Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer is here!! Lately, it has been soooo warm here in Glasgow! We had absolutely no rain this past week, in fact we hardly saw any clouds! The weather has just been gorgeous, and it is supposed to stay like that in the coming weeks as well... Pretty unusual for Scotland! This past week has been quite busy, on Monday and Tuesday we have been planning and moving all the missionaries around that traveled through Glasgow. It wasn't nearly as bad as it had been the last two moves, but it was still a little hectic and a bit of sleep was lost, however things are back to normal now as well. We have a few new missionaries to the zone, but they seem to be adjusting well and are loving it so far. With a drought of missionaries in the mission before the big summer groups of missionaries come, we lost one team of missionaries in Glasgow, but it's not slowing us down at all! In fact our zone is incredible right now! We have many baptisms scheduled for the coming weeks. In my ward, there are two other missionaries named Elder Jones and Elder Shiels who have been doing such great work and are preparing two of their friends for baptism this coming Saturday, and they are sooo great!! In fact, both of them got up and bore testimonies in Sacrament meeting yesterday... not even baptised yet, and they had the courage to get up in front of a big ward! There are several others throughout the zone who are also doing great!

In our area, we have seen lots of miracles as well. I mentioned before, this student named Jay who didn't really have any faith or belief in God... We had kept challenging him to pray, and he was refusing to, but one night he did!! And he had an incredible, immediate answer to his prayer, and even prayed out loud in the next lesson with us as well! It was amazing to see such change in him! We are working with him to help him prepare for baptism at the end of the month... We are so excited! We have a few other people who are also doing pretty well. Nicole, is pretty committed to her Catholic faith at the moment, but still wants to attend our church sometimes, but she is so great, so hopefully we can keep working with her. A few other people have dropped us recently or have just fell of the face of the Earth, so that's been tough, but we have found lots of great new people as well, so there should be plenty of opportunities ahead!

On Sunday, there was a Recent Convert/Investigator fireside in Edinburgh, so we went to it with John and lots of other missionaries and converts/investigators from Glasgow.
John with Elder Oxspring and Elder V at the Fireside
 Pretty much half of our zone was represented, so it was awesome to see!! The Spirit was so strong, and it really helped a lot of the people who have baptismal dates in June become less scared of baptism.
Chinese elders from Glasgow Zone
Elder Chen, me, Elder Parkinson, Elder V holding the camera, and Elder Yip
Elder Jones with Elder V and me at the Fireside
Lydia with Elder Oxspring at the fireside

 I forgot to mention last week, but 2 people that I have found in the last month or two have been baptised in other areas, so that's pretty cool to see the fruits of my labors! There is a girl in Edinburgh who was at the fireside named Lydia, who I found while on exchanges with the AP's last transfer while contacting around the University. She was baptised a week and a half ago, and I talked with her at the fireside and I asked if she remembered me and she said "Of course! I wouldn't be here without you!" so that was really cool to see, she is an incredible convert!

As well, Jeremiah, who I mentioned before, is a man that I found in Glasgow and first started teaching, was baptised last Sunday into Pollock ward, the same one that Rhianna was baptised into. I called him this last week, and he was so happy about his baptism!! Ah... I love being in areas for a while and then seeing great, positive changes that take place! 

Well there should be some great opportunities ahead with the sunny weather! There's no place like

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