Monday, July 18, 2016

Good things in Glasgow

Monday, July 18, 2016
It was another incredible week in Glasgow! Elder Stevens and I are getting along so well and we are finding and teaching so many great people. 

We had several exchanges this week, which made it lots of fun! I was with one of my former zone leaders, Elder Hansen, who is now one of the Assistants, on Tuesday, I was with a brand new missionary from England, Elder Milburn on Wednesday, and I was with Elder Chen from China who is about to go home next month. I had so much with Elder Chen talking to Chinese students at the University like all day. They are so funny!!

Tuesday we were on exchanges with the Assistants in Edinburgh, and while we were there Lisa texted us that she was taking a train to her home town for a day which isn't too far from Edinburgh, so when we told her we were in Edinburgh she decided to stop by the mission home and she hung out around there for a few hours. We taught her there and she got along so well with some of the office staff, so it was awesome!! In the evening when President Donaldson came home, he met Lisa as well and since she still needed to be interviewed for baptism, he just went ahead and interviewed her at the mission home. It was great!! Lisa is doing amazing and even went to the Glasgow ward (the other ward that meets at our building) BBQ. She is all prepared to be baptised this coming Friday, so we are ecstatic for her! She has made sooo much progression and positive changes in the last month or so. 

We have another amazing friend who we have been teaching lately as well. His name is Johannes, from Estonia. He didn't seem very interested at first because he didn't really grow up with any religion and was basically atheist, but we have been meeting with him for like 2 weeks now and he is praying and loves reading the scriptures. We have almost finished teaching him all the commandments and he is absorbing everything so well and has great questions. He seemed to really enjoy church as well, so he is scheduled to be baptised on July 30th the weekend after Lisa, so things are going really well at the moment.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful people here in Glasgow. It will be sad when I have to leave (probably next middle of next month for transfers), but I am enjoying it while I'm here! 
- Elder Oxspring 

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