Monday, July 4, 2016

Staying in Glasgow!!

Monday, July 4, 2016
Incredible news!!! I get to stay in Glasgow! Pretty Crazy that I'll have spent my first 10 transfers in 2 areas. But I am incredibly happy because so many good things are happening right now. Elder V is leaving and will be training a new missionary in Northern Ireland. Elders Stevens is coming to Glasgow to be my new companion. I will be training him as a new zone leader. I really don't know much about him, other than he is English and has been on his mission just a little longer than me. I have heard he is a hard worker though, so I am really excited! It'll be a great transfer with him. A lot of crazy things are happening in Glasgow with moves, so I don't have much time today because I need to do a lot of planning. We have a lot more missionaries coming into our zone- 2 more companionships! Which was unexpected since more missionaries are leaving than coming in this transfer. But Glasgow zone has been doing so well recently, so perhaps they just wanted more missionaries here! Our zone had another baptism this week in Airdrie just outside of Glasgow city.

This was an amazing week! On Tuesday, we had our Mission Leadership Council in Edinburgh which was a lot of fun! It was right around my year mark as well, and I got to see 5 others in the same MTC group as me at MLC who are also zone leaders. What made it even more special is that we hiked Pratt's hill (the hill you hike in Edinburgh when you enter the mission in Edinburgh) to reflect on half of the year so far. So that was a really great experience! We also were in Edinburgh Sunday night for a fireside which Lisa came to and was so incredible! The fireside had a lot of great testimonies and music (including bagpipes as well).

The reason I am so grateful to be staying in Glasgow is that we are working with so many amazing people at the moment! Lisa is doing so well still and came to church again and to the fireside with us and just seems to be really comfortable with all the members of the church. We fasted with her that she will be prepared for baptism this month, so we have a lot of faith that she will be ready in the month of July. I also found this man this week by the name of John, who is also amazing! He was almost baptised in London about a year ago and loves the church! His only hold back is his testimony of the Book of Mormon. He doesn't know yet if it is true... and that's his only concern! He came to church this week and really enjoyed it as well. He agreed to a baptismal date this month as well, but he just needs a testimony first. There's some other big news as well! So there is another amazing girl named Heather who was being taught by two Elders in my ward, but both of those Elders are leaving to new areas, so I will be teaching her now. And she is getting baptised this coming Saturday, so she has asked me to baptise her since I know her. So looks like we have a baptism to organize this week... not a bad problem to have! 

Our whole zone is just doing so well, and I am so so so happy to be staying in Glasgow! 

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