Monday, August 22, 2016

BUSY week in Edinburgh

Monday, August 22, 2016
   Well it's been a crazy busy here my first week in Edinburgh! It is hard to believe how much different it is here compared to Glasgow even though they are only like an hour away from each other. The city of Edinburgh is absolutely beautiful, and at the moment the city is so incredibly busy with lots of crazy summer festivals going on, so it's difficult to find local people at the moment. But I am really excited for September when all the university students come back. Edinburgh zone is amazing as well! We have 8 companionships of Elders including the Assistants, and 4 sets of Sisters, so it's a pretty big zone and includes a big geographic area. It goes all the way up North to Alloa, West to Falkirk, and goes all the way down South to the border of England. But we have some great missionaries, so I am excited to be here. I love my companion as well! Elder Tullis is great and full of so much energy! He is from Centerville, Utah and we started our missions together. I think we are going to get along great together! Our flat is right near the mission home and it is sooo nice!!! Probably one of the nicest flats in the mission to be honest. I will send pictures next week after we get it all cleaned up today.

Early morning climb up Pratt's Hill in Edinburgh. 
Elder Crowe, Sister Muller, Elder Crawley, me, Elder Hansen,
Elder Tullis (new companion), Sister Paxman, and Elder Donovan 


Views from Pratt's Hill
          (Arthur's Seat)  

   So it was a pretty hectic week!! In Glasgow on Monday, I had moves planning all day and had to pack in the evening. On Tuesday, I got up super early and was in Edinburgh by 8. I helped with
Me and Elder Tullis helping missionaries move
moves all day which is tough because sooo many missionaries move through Edinburgh. It was also madness helping all the new missionaries that got here- there were like 26 new missionaries or something. It was crazy trying to get them all off to their new areas after the new missionary orientation. All the missionaries going to Ireland stayed the night in the mission home Tuesday, so we had to get up super early again so we could get about 30 missionaries to the bus station to leave before 7.00 on the bus to the ferry to Ireland. Wednesday we had a few trips to the airport to pickup and drop off missionaries flying from Ireland for leadership training in Edinburgh. I had to get up before 5:30 every day until Saturday. The rest of the week after Wednesday was somewhat normal, but we still had a few tasks to do.

   There are some absolutely great people we are working with though! We've already seen so many miracles. We have this amazing girl named Julia who has a few concerns but is preparing for baptism soon. We are praying that she will be able to baptised this week! So I met this Chinese student on Saturday named Humphrey, who said he would come to church on Sunday.. and he did!! He really enjoyed it and we taught him right after church... no joke his first question was "how can I be relieved from sin?"... We were shocked! And he happily accepted a baptismal date! There are lots of other great people we are working with as well. 

   I am so excited for Edinburgh and all the opportunities that lie ahead!

Hard to say goodbye to these friends in Glasgow: 
Jane was baptised while I was in Glasgow

My favorite man, John, who 
I baptised. 

Rhianna, who I baptised and her boyfriend, Ryan,
who we've been teaching. 

Grand, one of our investigators 

My new city:  Edinburgh

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