Monday, August 8, 2016

Edinburgh x3

 Well it was quite a busy week for Elder Stevens and me! We ended up driving to and from Edinburgh three times this week! Wednesday we had our Mission Leadership Council with Elder Herbertson of the Seventy as a guest. It was an incredible meeting and I got to see lot of my favorite missionaries there. We had an scripture study as council under the direction of Elder Herbertson based on the parable of the Talents, which was amazing! It was a very spiritual meeting and there was a lot to bring back to our zone. After MLC, we had to drive back the Irish Zone leaders and Sister Training leaders to Glasgow airport where they flew back to Ireland from. To bring them all, I drove the big mission van, which was a little tricky to drive, but it was fun! And we got to keep the van over night which made things a lot simpler to drive our missionaries to the All-Scotland conference the next day.
The All-Scotland conference on Thursday was amazing also. Elder Herbertson spoke for most of it and shared plenty of amazing stories from his mission as well. I was great to be around so many missionaries for those couple of days. There were a lot of great people to catch up with! 
Galway 4-man flat back together at All-Scotland
Conference (Me, Elder Carmichael, Elder Scholz
Elder Williams)

On Sunday we went back to Edinburgh again in the evening for a Recent convert/ investigators fireside, which was great fun as well! The former mission President, President Brown, along with his wife spoke at the fireside, so it was cool to meet them.

However, with all the travel and meetings, we basically had a full 3 days eaten up during the week that we couldn't do missionary work, so that was the only downside. And it was pretty rough because the days that were open for missionary work, we had stacked with teaching appointments, but a majority of lessons canceled... so it was kinda sad. But it's alright because this week we have almost entirely free for missionary work!! We have some more good people we are working with for sure! If you remember Rhianna, who I baptised a few months ago- she moved into our ward a week ago, so she came to our ward this week and brought her friend Ryan who we started teaching and set a baptismal date with. He and Rhianna also came to the mission home fireside, so that's really exciting! 

I am really excited to leave Glasgow strong! It appears basically guaranteed that I will leave Glasgow because I have been here so long and because of some abrupt changes in mission leadership. There was a new Assistant to the President called this weekend, and he just came from Dublin, so some people think I might be going there to fill the Dublin zone leader spot. But we got some heartbreaking news this week about a missionary called Elder Taylor who I was in the MTC with. He was a zone leader in Dundee and he got diagnosed with a form of cancer this week and had to go home immediately for treatment (so please keep him in your prayers!!). He gave such a powerful testimony at All-Scotland conference that put everyone in tears. 

Glasgow has been amazing while I've been here and I know the work has progressed so much. This week will be full of tears and goodbyes, but I think I am ready for a new challenge ahead. The big news will come this Sunday, so it will be pretty exciting! 
Missionaries from my MTC group together at the All-Scotland Conference

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