Monday, August 29, 2016

Exchange Week

Recent convert, Eveline, who is moving back to China
Monday, August 29, 2016

What another busy week it was!! It feels like I never have time to breathe anymore, but I love it! I feel like after this week is finished, things will begin to settle at least a little bit. I went on exchanges 3 times this week, so it was loads of fun! On Tuesday, we went up to Alloa for district meeting, which is just about an hour northwest of Edinburgh. We drove back to Edinburgh and went on exchanges with the Falkirk Elders- I was with Elder Moore, who is from California. On Thursday I was on exchanges with Elder Thomson who is from South Africa and was in the MTC with me. And on Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Donovan who is from Utah but is a Chinese speaking Elder and still learning. So with all the exchanges and things happening, it was sooooo busy, but so much fun! We were able to teach so many new people and so many amazing progressing people. There was a baptism on Wednesday that another companionship in Edinburgh ward had- it was amazing! It this lady in her 70s that got baptised, so it was really cool! With 5 sets of missionaries in Edinburgh city, there are baptisms almost every week.

There are so many amazing people we are working with. So the Chinese student Humphrey who came to church last Sunday for the first time is an absolute champ!! After one week... He read the ENTIRE Book of Mormon! He is a miracle! And he understands all the stories and everything from the Book of Mormon... it was the most impressive thing I have ever seen. He came to church this Sunday again and loved it and is just taking everything in so incredibly well! He asks superb questions when we teach him and I am just amazed at how well he picks things up. He is scheduled to be baptised next week on Wednesday, so we will need to teach him everything this week. I have never seen someone progress so fast. 

We are working with a this great part-member family as well. There is a 10 year-old son named John who is not baptised, but we have been working with the family a lot and they came to church this week! The father has a had big change of heart and has been to church the last 2 weeks now, which has been the first time in months. So we have goals and plans in place for John to be baptised in the next 2 weeks... pretty exciting! There are a good amount of other people we are working with also, especially many Chinese students- in fact we had 6 of our friends come to church this week, and most of them were Chinese. We are still working with Julia as well, but she is overcoming some struggles at the moment and will be moving back to St.Andrews soon... so it's going to be difficult to help her reach baptism. 

Ryan, got baptised in Glasgow last week
This upcoming week will be super busy yet again! We have mission leadership council on Thursday and our zone interview training on Friday, so it will be pretty crazy. It's nice I don't have 
to travel for those meetings now though. There are so many great things happening in Edinburgh and I am so excited for the opportunities coming ahead.

P.S. Oh, and a cool side note!
 In Glasgow this weekend, Ryan who is dating Rhianna (who I baptised) was baptised, as well this Chinese girl who I first contacted on the street was also baptised! So many cool results from my time in Glasgow!

My new flat- one of the nicest in the mission:

We have a tv in our flat, but obviously don't use it.  

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