Monday, August 1, 2016

Johannes' Baptism!

Elder Stevens baptised Johannes on Saturday. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

What another amazing week!

The highlight again was another baptism woohoo!! Our friend Johannes is incredible! He has built so much faith in the last few weeks and it has been amazing to see such great change in him. His baptismal service on Saturday was wonderful, and I am grateful for all the support from the ward strengthening the recent converts. Unfortunately, Johannes is leaving Glasgow today, but he is returning to his home country in Estonia and then to America for another exchange semester. I have no doubt wherever he ends up, he will help build the church so much. 
I confirmed Johannes a member of the Church on Sunday. 
Elder Stevens and I have continued to do great work together! We have a lot of great things happening at the moment. It exciting to have so many baptisms in a row, but now it will be a goal to keep up the pace so we can continue the success we've had. It is tricky to continually be consistent and I think it is the same for our zone as we have done so well recently! It is amazing to have so many great people to work with at a time. As we continue to baptise our friends, we still keep teaching them as well, so keeping up teaching all our recent converts while also finding new people all the time is great fun. I am grateful for all the great support that our recent converts get. John, Heather, Lisa, and others are all doing pretty well and is amazing to see growth in the ward. I feel that I have accomplished a lot in Glasgow and even though I love this city so much, I think in 2 weeks I will feel prepared to move on. I feel that I am almost guaranteed to leave, so a new adventure ahead will be exciting. I will definitely enjoy Glasgow while my time here lasts.

This upcoming week will be really busy!! We have mission leadership conference on Wednesday that we will be in Edinburgh for, and then we will be headed back to Edinburgh on Thursday also for our All-Scotland conference, which I am really excited for because there are a lot of missionaries in Scotland that I haven't seen in ages. Elder Herbertson, who is an area Seventy will be at both meetings, so it should be incredible! We probably will also be back in Edinburgh on Sunday also for a mission home fireside. So a lot of things to look forward to! It will be a challenge to get as much missionary work done as we can amongst all the meetings.

Recent convert, Jane, made an amazing Chinese dinner for
Elder Stevens, Elder Parsons, me, and Elder Scholz 

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