Monday, August 15, 2016

Off to Edinburgh!

 Monday, August 15, 2016
        Well the big news is here... I'll be headed off tomorrow down the road to EDINBURGH! So I will be the the new zone leader there. It's going to be a really crazy week because the most moving happens in Edinburgh during moves week trying to transport everyone around. My new companion will be Elder Tullis, who is from Utah I believe. I know him pretty well already because he was in the MTC with me, so I am really really excited to be with him!! It'll be so much fun to serve with him and to be close to the mission home and everything. It's a great time to be in Edinburgh as well because all the Universities will be starting up pretty soon!

     It was a pretty crazy moves week again... So many incredible missionaries are coming into Glasgow, so I will be even more sad leaving here.... It's been so amazing here and I love all the people. There have been so many amazing changes that I have seen and even have been a part of. I will never forget this city or the people here. But I suppose it's time for another adventure. Edinburgh is a beautiful city, so I am very lucky. 

     This was a pretty great week for us again! We've had a few people drop us recently, but we have a lot of referrals we have been able to teach recently, so it's been pretty nice! The weather here has been really cold! It basically feels like an Arizona winter in Glasgow, which is weird because it's August!! Lots of rain as well. But even despite the weather, we've done pretty well. Glasgow is in good shape and in great hands with Elder Stevens to take over. One cool story this week is that we ate dinner with a professional Rugby player who plays here in Glasgow... He is in our ward!! He is Tongan, Brother Puafisi, -he's huge! And they had us over for dinner on Saturday and it was so good! I really will miss the ward here a lot, I've gotten to know some of them really well and I think the ward has become a lot more united with missionaries since I have been here. 

     Well, it's going to be a really busy day moves planning for me, and a busy week with moves in Edinburgh, so I don't have much time. I'm sure I'll have lots to say next week in Edinburgh!

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