Monday, September 5, 2016

Meetings all Week Long

Monday, September 5, 2016

So it was quite an eventful week... Not quite in my favorite way, but there were still so many amazing experiences! 

From Thursday to Sunday there were so many events and meetings to go prepare for! On Thursday was our mission leadership conference here in Edinburgh. You would think that it would make things a little bit easier, not having to travel for the meeting, but as Edinburgh zone leader, it made things even more hectic! We had to take care all of the zone leaders that were traveling from Ireland... So on Wednesday night we had to pick up the Belfast zone leaders from the Airport, who also stayed at our flat. Which was actually really fun because it was Elder Cook (my former companion) and Elder Stoker who is in my MTC group! On Thursday morning we picked up the Dublin Zone leaders early in the morning, and made preparations for the meeting. MLC was so fun and with so many great missionaries. Elder Tullis and I led a discussion on having a model area for missionaries in our zone. It was a really spiritual meeting as well with a lot of discussion on how we can move the mission forward. The mission is doing so well right now, so everyone is really excited! After MLC we also had to take some Ireland missionaries back to the airport, and Belfast stayed the night with us again. Friday morning we had to get Belfast zone leaders to the airport at like 5.30 am so it was a really early morning for us.

Friday during the day we had our zone interview training which went really, really well! We have some amazing Elders and Sisters in the zone who participated so much and everything went really smoothly. Our zone is performing really well at the moment also! Right after our zone conference, we had a short exchange with the assistants.Then on Saturday, we had a short Zone leadership council with all the district leaders to review what we learned from zone conference, instructions from MLC, and set goals and plans for our zone. 

Sunday after church we had a mission home fireside in the evening! Which was so so fun because normally I have been the one traveling with all our investigators and recent converts from Glasgow, but this time I got to be at the mission home and see all my favorite people from Glasgow traveling in. I got to see all the missionaries from Glasgow, as well as some of the people I helped baptised: John, Lisa, and Heather, and some other members as well. They seem to be doing great so I really enjoyed it a lot!!!

So we didn't get loads of proselyting time this week, but we did have so many amazing experiences with the time we did have. We had an incredible experience on Saturday evening... so we had a few hours left of finding in the day, so we got out the city map and prayed as to where we should go find people. We ended up pointing to this area which is normally really not that inhabited with people, but we went there anyway. It wasn't where we would normally go because there wasn’t a massive amount of people, but we met a couple of really great people. One lady was waiting outside a hospital for her little boy to get out, so we started talking with her and we started sharing a bit about families and we said a prayer with her and she said she felt this just amazing feeling! She said we were crazy but she felt good! She didn't have much time there, but we are meeting with her later. Then we started walking down a couple other streets, and I felt an impression to go to a door at one of the flat buildings, which my companion was pretty surprised at because we NEVER knock doors in Edinburgh because there are always just so many people outside, but I followed the impression and we buzzed one of the flats and got let in the building! Just about every person answered the door and we held a quality conversation with everyone! It was getting pretty late, but we only had the top floor left, so we decided to just go to the top and knock it, and this girl answered who was about to leave for the night and she was so cool! She had grown up with a really good Mormon friend, and knew just a little bit about the church. She seemed to be really interested and agreed to meet with us another time, so we were so pumped!! It is the Lord's work after all, so He can direct us to the people we need to speak to.

Some of our other investigators are a little up and down. Humphrey was completely solid all week, but we woke up Sunday morning with a text from Humphrey about how joining the church would betray his family and political party in China, so it was a bit discouraging but hopefully we can still teach him. There are some really good people who should be baptised pretty soon though, so we are excited!!

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