Monday, September 19, 2016

Stake Conference

Monday, September 19, 2016

Wow what an exciting week it has been!! I love being here in Edinburgh! It is such a beautiful city and there are just so many opportunities.

So our friend Laura who has been taught for about 8 months came back to Edinburgh last Monday from Bristol where she is from. We have been meeting with her every day because she has been sooo close to baptism. She has had so many ups and downs over her investigation, but her testimony is so strong. She is like a best friend to Elder Tullis and I, and really all the missionaries and members of the ward to be honest. Her hold back for a good while has been her family... because they are very against the church (mainly because they just have a lot of misconceptions), so it's been a real hurdle to overcome. But we have had soooo many spiritual experiences with her this week, helping her get to a final decision that she could tell her parents about. She was interviewed for baptism this week and knew in her heart that she needed to be baptised... but the struggle was telling her parents about it. So she had a long night last night, and good while this morning talking to her parents about it. We met with her this morning and she said "I have made a decision." She told us how she will be getting baptised this week!! We are so pumped-she is getting baptised Wednesday! Her family still is not okay with it in the slightest, she just said that she needs to do it and she trusts that it will all work out okay. So we have put a lot of time in working with her Laura this week... but it is soooo worth it!

We have so many other great people we are working with as well!! There is guy named Keith who works part-time here in Edinburgh, and we have met with him a few times already, and he is such a cool guy! He essentially had no faith in God, but after praying on his own and meeting with us and says he has developed some faith. He is working towards baptism at the beginning of next month and we are excited to begin teaching him the commandments this week. He came to church this week as well, along with about 6 other investigators, so we had a total of 7 of our friends at church this week! And we have 12 people scheduled for baptism at the moment in our area. So things are going incredibly well!! We are so excited! We have a few Chinese students that are doing really well and came to church the least few weeks, so that's really exciting!

University of Edinburgh "The Meadows"
A great place to find students to teach

Church was especially great this week because it was stake conference!! So we had the opportunity to go with Laura to the Saturday session of Stake conference, and then went to the normal Sunday morning session as well. Luckily the chapel was almost all cleaned up already, so everything for stake conference was fine. They are saying now it was an electrical fire, not arson... so that would be good if that's true! Elder Mendoza, an area Seventy from Spain presided at stake conference as well and he gave some amazing talks so it was a privilege to hear from him!

So as things are going really well in our area, the Edinburgh zone is also doing amazing things!! We again have the highest number of people scheduled for baptism for the whole year, so we just keep reaching new heights. 

So moves call is this coming Sunday. I would say there's probably almost no chance that I will be moving since I just got to Edinburgh and my companion has already been here for 6 months. It seems likely that I will get a new companion though, so that would be exciting. Oh and a side note, is that my last companion Elder Stevens just got called to be a new Assistant to the President, so I will be around him a lot here in Edinburgh again. Lots to look forward to this week!! We are especially pumped for Laura's baptism!

-Elder Oxspring

    Views in Edinburgh City 

Edinburgh Castle 

Harry Potter Trivia:

Cemetery used as inspiration for names of characters in Harry Potter


                             Birthplace of Harry Potter

Cafe where JK Rowling began writing
the plot on napkins.  

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