Monday, September 12, 2016

We're on fire!! (good and bad)

Monday, September 12, 2016

So it was quite a crazy week!! Lots of ups and downs, but overall so amazing!! We'll start with the positives:

     So Elder Tullis and I are doing absolutely incredible in our own area, and the whole Edinburgh zone is reaching new heights! Elder Tullis and I currently have NINE people scheduled for baptism. Of course some are more solid than others, but it is pretty exciting nonetheless. Just to mention a fe of the really good people we are working with: there is this really awesome student named Laura who has been investigating for months but has finally reached the point where she has a powerhouse testimony and has a strong desire to be baptised... the only problem is that her parents aren't really approving of her decisions, so it is quite a strong influence on her, for good reason obviously, but she is so close to being baptised! John who is 10 is just waiting for his father to get paperwork back from Salt Lake that says he is refellowshipped so that  his Dad can baptise him. We have A LOT of others that we have only met once or twice but are still pretty good such as student from Taiwan and a Chinese girl who is also a student, but I will keep you updated as they progress. Sometimes it is really hard to tell how good people are because sometimes they just drop off the face of the Earth out of nowhere! But things are really looking up... not to mention we had like 4 dinner appointments with members this week, so that side of things is also really good! 

Driving the Dumfries Elders home: Elder Stanley and Elder Butler

     So this week on Tuesday I was on an exchange with a brand new missionary named Elder Butler who is serving in Dumfries. We had a really amazing day together, but on Wednesday it was a pretty crazy morning trying to get the Dumfries Elders back to their area. So Dumfries is way down in the borders of Scotland, and so it is tricky trying to travel down there. The train they were supposed to catch, they missed, and there weren't many other options, so Elder Tullis and I just started driving them as far as they could so they could catch a different train or bus. And we ended up driving like an hour and a half one-way to a little town named Sanqhuar. And on the way down we got some beautiful pictures in the borders of Scotland!! it was an amazing drive!

      So there were also some pretty crazy, not-so positive events this week. So on late Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning, the Edinburgh chapel was set on fire. It looks like it was arson as well. So that was pretty shocking. There was so much smoke and electrical damage, that it is still shut down and out of use at the moment. We had to use a school across the street for church on Sunday, which was a bit different. I think there is a rapid work underway to get it repaired though, because we have stake conference this Sunday as well! So hopefully it will be done by this weekend.

We are really optimistic for the future though! This week Edinburgh University is back in so there will be soooo many students out that are fresh and have never met missionaries before, so it will be Heavenly for us! It will definitely be another fantastic week :) The Edinburgh zone also currently has more people scheduled for baptism than any week previously this year... so we are at a high point and will just keep moving upward.

. Finding near the university in the evening with some other missionaries in Edinburgh-
Elder Crawley, Elder Donovan, Sister Muller, Sister Paxman, Me, and Elder Tullis

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