Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 31, 2016
So it was a pretty fantastic week this week just being able to work hard and do missionary work! We didn't have a whole lot of crazy stuff this week, just a few exchanges and a special zone conference for a couple of hours where President Donaldson was able to address us on faith. Our major focus as a mission at the moment is just building faith!
So we have so many great people preparing for baptism right now! Keith is still doing great, but is just on holiday in France at the moment, so he will be back on Saturday and will be baptised next Wednesday November 9th. He wasn't able to be baptised before he left on holiday this past week unfortunately, but he is still doing great! Our friend Linda, is doing phenomenal though!! She progressed so quickly this past week and has been interviewed for baptism this week! So she is ready to be baptised this coming Wednesday, along with 2 others being baptised into Edinburgh ward from other missionary companionships. So we are so excited! So we should have several baptisms very soon including this week and the next few weeks. Adele is also doing very well, but she was sick a lot this week and we didn't get to meet her a whole lot.
There wasn't a whole lot that happened this week, so I guess I don't have too much to say. There was a baptism in Edinburgh this past week from another companionship and the person getting baptised asked President Donaldson to baptise, so it was probably the most spiritual baptism I have ever witnessed, it was so cool!!
I hope everyone has a great Halloween!! We are going to be hanging out with all the other missionaries in Edinburgh at the church tonight because we have to be inside by 6.00.

Oh and our moves call is this coming Sunday, but I am really hoping I stay here in Edinburgh with Elder Peacock. I am sure it is likely that I will stay, but you never know what could happen!

Monday, October 24, 2016


Monday, October 24, 2016
What an amazing week we've had! So miracles are happening in our area and zone. We are working with so many incredible people at the moment! There are a lot of great people who are preparing for baptism, so I guess I can take a bit of time to explain some of these amazing friends.

So Keith is still doing so well! So he has already been interviewed for baptism and is all set to be baptised wednesday... spiritually speaking. The hang up now is that he just got back from holiday and he has an infection on his skin that is being treated, and for the next 3 days, he can't get it wet. So that's a problem. So we are praying for a medical miracle that somehow he will be able to be baptised this week, because he leaves on holiday to France on Friday and won't be back for over a week. So if he is not baptised this week, then he will have to wait until November 9th, which is rough because he is all ready to go.

We started teaching this amazing girl named Adele this week. So she is only 16, but so mature! She has lots of cousins and extended family who are members in Utah, and they actually referred Adele to us, and she was so excited to meet! She is actually moving to Utah next summer as well to live with family there. She loves learning and is so smart, she came to church and is progressing really well!

We are teaching an American student named Olivia who is a friend of a member of the ward, so there is some really good member work going on there. There is a Chinese student named Linda also, who has developed a good relationship with one of the Chinese members as well, and she is preparing for baptism in November, so things are going so well! 

This last Monday, we climbed Pratt's hill (arthur's seat), so I will include some pictures of that.

Climbing Pratt's Hill 

Things are going really well at the moment and Elder Peacock and I are doing so well together. We are excited for another week of miracles! 

  Fall colors in Scotland

Monday, October 17, 2016

All-Scotland Conference

Me, Elder Donovan, Elder Peacock, Elder Scholz, Sister Muller, Sister Sams

Monday, October 17, 2016

So it was a bit of another crazy week for us! We had our All-Scotland conference this week on Thursday, which was really fun! It was a bit more hectic for us in Edinburgh because we had to pick up some Elders the night before the conference because it was too far for them to travel the morning of. So some time was taken up the night before and the evening after the conference, trying to get missionaries to airports, train stations, etc. But this week we have a full week of proselyting!!! Along with 2 exchanges as well, so we are really excited! And we need it as well, because our area is down a little bit. Keith is still doing really well, but is on holiday right now and is getting back right before church next Sunday. But he is looking like he will still make his date for the 26th of October, so we are excited. The zone is down a little bit as well, but we have a lot of people preparing for baptism in the next 2 weeks, but then just after that there is not much planned, so we have a lot of work to do this week!!

I don't have too much more exciting news, so I guess this will be a short email. However, I have A LOT of pictures to send, so hopefully that will make up for it! Last Monday, we and some other
Elders and Sisters in Edinburgh explored the city a little bit and got lots of great pictures by the castle and really cool parts of the city centre.

                      Calton Hill in Edinburgh


 It is starting to get really cold here in Edinburgh also, so I am bracing myself for the winter. Autumn is in full effect, with leaves covering the streets and sidewalks. I have proper Fall with changing colors and what not, so it's pretty cool to see. I am looking forward to this week because we have so many great things set up and a lot of cool new people to teach, and lots of proselyting time to do it!

Arthur's Seat (Pratt's Hill)

Waverly Train Station
Edinburgh city at Night

Monday, October 10, 2016

John's Baptism!

Me, John (11 years old), John's dad, Elder Peacock

Monday, October 10, 2016
What a splendid end to our week this week!! We were blessed to see the baptism of our good friend John. He is such a good kid and it was amazing to see how much happiness he had as he was baptised yesterday, which was long awaited. John was baptised by his father, and both his sister and mother were able to be at church and in attendance at the baptism. So this was a really unique experience for me, as I have never really participated in bringing a family to the church or back to the church. But it was absolutely amazing to see!! It was an amazing baptismal service right after church! I was able to participate by giving a talk and playing the piano and performing a musical number with John's sister, Julia, who is a great clarinet player. The whole family seemed to be beaming! 

The whole family with John's mum and sister, Julia. 

The rest of the week was also pretty great! We were able to have a good mix of meetings and things to get done, but also a lot of great missionary work! We had MLC on Wednesday this week, so that was fun to see so many of my good missionary friends. At the Mission leadership council, I had 6 companions there if you include MTC, so it was pretty cool! 
We had exchanges with the Assistants on Wednesday, which isn't as exciting because we're already here in Edinburgh anyway, but it was good to be with other missionaries. I also had exchanges with 2 of our district leaders this week, Elder Tolk on Tuesday, and Elder Richards on Saturday. We got a lot of great work done!

Our area and zone in Edinburgh is doing really well. There are several teams that have many people scheduled for the last week of October to be baptised. For Elder Peacock and I, our friend Keith is pretty solid to be baptised on the 26th. He came to church again and stayed for the baptism, which he seemed to enjoy. So there are a lot of great things to look forward to! We found a lot of other great people this week as well, so if any become pretty good progressing investigators, I will send updates. 

This week we have a lot of great opportunities for missionary work fortunately! There is also an All-Scotland conference on Thursday, so that will be a lot of fun to see so many missionaries here in Edinburgh. Elder Peacock and I are getting along really well also, so we have some great opportunities ahead. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Moves Week, General Conference

Monday, October 3, 2016
     Well it's been quite a hectic week for us in Edinburgh! With it being moves week, we had lot to get done and a lot of people to move around... especially with over 20 missionaries coming into the mission. All of Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday and Thursday was spent planning and shipping missionaries all around. There were several early mornings in a row because we had to start taking missionaries to the bus station at 6.00 am that were going to Ireland, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Driving between the two train stations in Edinburgh, the bus station, and the Airport was was where all our time was spent basically. But it's nice to have it all done with. On Thursday morning when moves finished up, President Donaldson invited Elder Peacock and I to have a moves week review with the Assistants, which was such a cool opportunity. We got to eat breakfast at the mission home with them also.

     Elder Peacock and I are getting along great!! He is such champ! He is quite a bit older, in fact his birthday is tomorrow and he turns 22. So he has a lot of great experience and he is on top of things even though he is a young zone leader out about 8 months. He has some great skills, so I am really looking forward to having a great transfer together. Our zone got changed around a good bit, and we lost a lot of great missionaries sadly- in fact two of our district leaders became zone leaders, and one sister became a sister training leader. But I suppose now it's just time to train the new missionaries to be great as well! 

     So it was General Conference this weekend of course!! It was absolutely amazing! I got to watch all the sessions at the church except the Sunday afternoon session because that was broadcast late at night here... so I have yet to hear those talks. But there were so many great talks that I loved. I love how they just start conference with powerhouse talks now... President Uchtdorf's about the Plan of Happiness was so powerful. In fact, there were a lot of great talks about joy and happiness that I really loved. President Monson's and Elder Ballard's talk on Sunday morning about finding joy were so great. I wish I had time to talk about all the great talks that I liked.

     Everything in our area and zone is doing pretty well! So this week we have a baptism for the 11 year-old John!! His father is refellowshipped and has the priesthood again, so we are finalizing everything this week, and John should be baptised this coming Sunday after church. So we are really excited. He is such a good kid, and has waited for a long time to be baptised. Our friend Keith is also doing really well and came to 2 sessions of conference with us, and we all fasted together on Saturday that he will get all the answers he desires. He is progressing a lot, but feels that he doesn't have much of a testimony of the church yet. But I think a few of the conference talks really helped him!

     Things are going so well and I am excited for this new transfer!