Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 31, 2016
So it was a pretty fantastic week this week just being able to work hard and do missionary work! We didn't have a whole lot of crazy stuff this week, just a few exchanges and a special zone conference for a couple of hours where President Donaldson was able to address us on faith. Our major focus as a mission at the moment is just building faith!
So we have so many great people preparing for baptism right now! Keith is still doing great, but is just on holiday in France at the moment, so he will be back on Saturday and will be baptised next Wednesday November 9th. He wasn't able to be baptised before he left on holiday this past week unfortunately, but he is still doing great! Our friend Linda, is doing phenomenal though!! She progressed so quickly this past week and has been interviewed for baptism this week! So she is ready to be baptised this coming Wednesday, along with 2 others being baptised into Edinburgh ward from other missionary companionships. So we are so excited! So we should have several baptisms very soon including this week and the next few weeks. Adele is also doing very well, but she was sick a lot this week and we didn't get to meet her a whole lot.
There wasn't a whole lot that happened this week, so I guess I don't have too much to say. There was a baptism in Edinburgh this past week from another companionship and the person getting baptised asked President Donaldson to baptise, so it was probably the most spiritual baptism I have ever witnessed, it was so cool!!
I hope everyone has a great Halloween!! We are going to be hanging out with all the other missionaries in Edinburgh at the church tonight because we have to be inside by 6.00.

Oh and our moves call is this coming Sunday, but I am really hoping I stay here in Edinburgh with Elder Peacock. I am sure it is likely that I will stay, but you never know what could happen!

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