Monday, October 10, 2016

John's Baptism!

Me, John (11 years old), John's dad, Elder Peacock

Monday, October 10, 2016
What a splendid end to our week this week!! We were blessed to see the baptism of our good friend John. He is such a good kid and it was amazing to see how much happiness he had as he was baptised yesterday, which was long awaited. John was baptised by his father, and both his sister and mother were able to be at church and in attendance at the baptism. So this was a really unique experience for me, as I have never really participated in bringing a family to the church or back to the church. But it was absolutely amazing to see!! It was an amazing baptismal service right after church! I was able to participate by giving a talk and playing the piano and performing a musical number with John's sister, Julia, who is a great clarinet player. The whole family seemed to be beaming! 

The whole family with John's mum and sister, Julia. 

The rest of the week was also pretty great! We were able to have a good mix of meetings and things to get done, but also a lot of great missionary work! We had MLC on Wednesday this week, so that was fun to see so many of my good missionary friends. At the Mission leadership council, I had 6 companions there if you include MTC, so it was pretty cool! 
We had exchanges with the Assistants on Wednesday, which isn't as exciting because we're already here in Edinburgh anyway, but it was good to be with other missionaries. I also had exchanges with 2 of our district leaders this week, Elder Tolk on Tuesday, and Elder Richards on Saturday. We got a lot of great work done!

Our area and zone in Edinburgh is doing really well. There are several teams that have many people scheduled for the last week of October to be baptised. For Elder Peacock and I, our friend Keith is pretty solid to be baptised on the 26th. He came to church again and stayed for the baptism, which he seemed to enjoy. So there are a lot of great things to look forward to! We found a lot of other great people this week as well, so if any become pretty good progressing investigators, I will send updates. 

This week we have a lot of great opportunities for missionary work fortunately! There is also an All-Scotland conference on Thursday, so that will be a lot of fun to see so many missionaries here in Edinburgh. Elder Peacock and I are getting along really well also, so we have some great opportunities ahead. 

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