Monday, October 3, 2016

Moves Week, General Conference

Monday, October 3, 2016
     Well it's been quite a hectic week for us in Edinburgh! With it being moves week, we had lot to get done and a lot of people to move around... especially with over 20 missionaries coming into the mission. All of Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday and Thursday was spent planning and shipping missionaries all around. There were several early mornings in a row because we had to start taking missionaries to the bus station at 6.00 am that were going to Ireland, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Driving between the two train stations in Edinburgh, the bus station, and the Airport was was where all our time was spent basically. But it's nice to have it all done with. On Thursday morning when moves finished up, President Donaldson invited Elder Peacock and I to have a moves week review with the Assistants, which was such a cool opportunity. We got to eat breakfast at the mission home with them also.

     Elder Peacock and I are getting along great!! He is such champ! He is quite a bit older, in fact his birthday is tomorrow and he turns 22. So he has a lot of great experience and he is on top of things even though he is a young zone leader out about 8 months. He has some great skills, so I am really looking forward to having a great transfer together. Our zone got changed around a good bit, and we lost a lot of great missionaries sadly- in fact two of our district leaders became zone leaders, and one sister became a sister training leader. But I suppose now it's just time to train the new missionaries to be great as well! 

     So it was General Conference this weekend of course!! It was absolutely amazing! I got to watch all the sessions at the church except the Sunday afternoon session because that was broadcast late at night here... so I have yet to hear those talks. But there were so many great talks that I loved. I love how they just start conference with powerhouse talks now... President Uchtdorf's about the Plan of Happiness was so powerful. In fact, there were a lot of great talks about joy and happiness that I really loved. President Monson's and Elder Ballard's talk on Sunday morning about finding joy were so great. I wish I had time to talk about all the great talks that I liked.

     Everything in our area and zone is doing pretty well! So this week we have a baptism for the 11 year-old John!! His father is refellowshipped and has the priesthood again, so we are finalizing everything this week, and John should be baptised this coming Sunday after church. So we are really excited. He is such a good kid, and has waited for a long time to be baptised. Our friend Keith is also doing really well and came to 2 sessions of conference with us, and we all fasted together on Saturday that he will get all the answers he desires. He is progressing a lot, but feels that he doesn't have much of a testimony of the church yet. But I think a few of the conference talks really helped him!

     Things are going so well and I am excited for this new transfer!

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