Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 28, 2016
     It was a quite a fun and eventful week- I absolutely love being here in Edinburgh... so many perks!! 

     So we had a great opportunity to do a lot of work this week, especially because we had a few exchanges in our area with some Elders from just outside of Edinburgh. And then we also had some great meetings/events. On Thursday we had a our zone conference with all the missionaries in Edinburgh which was quite good! Our zone is doing so well at the moment... we have 3 more baptisms scheduled for this coming week. We will be ending November with the most baptisms Edinburgh zone has had all year, so it's pretty exciting stuff! We have to be ready for December though, as the mission is coming so close to reaching our 2016 goal of 360 baptisms... we are currently 320, so we have one month left! 
The Edinburgh Zone (minus the Sister Training leaders and AP's)

     Because of our conference, we celebrated Thanksgiving a day late with a big Thanksgiving dinner at the mission home with all the missionaries in Edinburgh! It was sooo good! It was like I was back home with so much amazing food!! we ate way too much haha... but it was great. We even got to take home some leftovers. The Donaldson's invited a couple of recent converts in Edinburgh ward as well, so that was quite fun!
A Thanksgiving I'll never forget! 

     We still have a few really great people we are working with also! Our Elderly friend Sylvia is progressing well and still so funny!! She came to church this week, and managed sit right next to President and Sister Donaldson (can you ask for even better fellowshippers?) and it was an amazing sacrament meeting as well! Sylvia tells everyone she is getting baptised soon, so that is pretty cool! We just need to teach her the commandments this week though... hopefully there are no hangups! Our Chinese friend Kai is doing quite well still also, and there's a few new we are also quite excited about! We are looking for a big December so we need to be preparing now!
A castle at the Edinburgh Christmas mart

     So in Edinburgh, things have been getting quite cold, but also quite festive! There are so many lights up and decorations, it's amazing!! We are going to the Christmas markets today so we are so excited- should be some good pictures next week! 

It's starting to get a bit frosty in Edinburgh

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