Monday, November 14, 2016

Keith's Baptism, Moves Week

Keith, on his baptism day
Monday, November 14, 2016

Well it's been quite a hectic week for us! I had 2 goals at the start of the week... Make sure everyone got to their areas safely with no messed up travel plans, and for Keith to get baptised. Both of those happened! So I am pretty satisfied with this week.

Elder Stanley before he goes home.
So it wasn't quite as big of a moves this transfer, so that was nice. It was mainly because there were only 7 missionaries that came in. However, we still had quite a lot to do obviously. We had at least 2 extra Elders in our flat from Sunday to Wednesday night, so it was a bit hectic, but I got to see a lot of good friends- for example Elder Stanley, who has been in my zone the last 5 transfers was with me on Sunday, and Elder Carmichael was at our flat Monday on his way down being transferred to Dublin
from Dundee. So it was quite some work trying to get everyone to catch all their trains, planes, ferrys, etc along with a lot of early mornings, but it is all done now for at least 5 weeks.

Wednesday was Keith's baptism, towards the end of all the moves being done. It was quite difficult trying to organise the baptismal service because they released our ward mission leader 4 weeks ago, and they haven't called a new one yet. So that's been a bit troubling, but we were able to sort everything out whilst taking care of all of the moves. We had a lot of last minute things happening, so it started a little late, and the font water was blazing hot because there were some mishaps with filling the font... but the important thing is that Keith got baptised, and another man named Jack who is a Chinese student also got baptised in the same service from another companionship in Edinburgh. So we have had 6 baptisms in Edinburgh ward in the last 3 weeks! It's pretty incredible really!

Things are going really well for us here and I am really excited for this coming transfer. We have a lot of great new missionaries in Edinburgh zone now as well, that we are so happy to be here. We'll have a few meetings this week, but the Mission Leadership council will be fun, and the rest of the time we should be able to have some good proselyting. We have been baptising everyone so we don't have too many solid people other than perhaps Olivia who came to church again this week. So we have a lot of work to do!
Lots of history here in Edinburgh

Christmas lights in the city centre 

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