Monday, November 7, 2016

Linda's Baptism, Staying in Edinburgh!

Monday, November 7, 2016
Well, just as I hoped I will be staying here in Edinburgh with Elder Peacock for another transfer! So this transfer is 5 weeks, but they usually won't move many people before Christmas, so I think I am likely staying for Christmas, which I would be so excited for! Elder Peacock and I are doing so well, but we are kind of starting fresh with a new transfer starting as well. 

So this week, Linda got baptised!! It was an amazing service joint with 2 others who got baptised the same night in Edinburgh, so it was a triple baptism night for the ward! So exciting to be a part of. Elder Peacock baptised Linda on Wednesday, and I was able to confirm her at church yesterday. She seemed to be so happy! I love Chinese people, they are just so funny. Linda will be such a great addition to the ward as well, as we begin teaching more Chinese people.

This week, we will have Keith's baptism on Wednesday night, which has been like 2 months in the making so we are so pumped! I will have the privilege of baptising Keith Wednesday, and then Elder Peacock will confirm him, so we get to swap roles this week. So many great things are happening, it's incredible!

Our zone is also doing so well, and we have a few brand new missionaries coming in to be trained in Edinburgh, so it should be fun to have them around. A lot of really experienced missionaries are coming to other parts of the zone as well. 

It was a pretty fun week with a few cool events. Monday was Halloween obviously, so we had to stay in the night, so we played volleyball with all the missionaries in Edinburgh.

 Saturday we did the same thing because it was bonfire night (Guy Fawke's night)... which is celebrated in the UK in remembrance of when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up English parliament a long time ago. Really it's
just an excuse to blow off loads of fireworks and light massive bonfires. We were eating with members on that evening as well and we saw huge bonfires get lit up so it was pretty cool.

Then Sunday night we had a mission home fireside, so it was exciting for me because I got to see a lot of the recent converts from Glasgow which was so fun.

So I’ve got a busy day today and busy week really with all the moves planning and then moving all the missionaries around. But it is always fun seeing so many missionaries, so I will enjoy that aspect. The highlight will definitely be Keith's baptism this week though. I am so excited!

Bonfire celebrating Guy Fawke's night 

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