Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas, Joseph's Baptism

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wow what an amazing and eventful week this week!! I guess I must start at the beginning:

Tuesday was our All-Scotland Christmas conference, which means preparations started on Monday evening. Missionaries that had to travel far had to come in on Monday night, which means we had 6 Elders staying with us at our flat, plenty of others in other flats in Edinburgh, so it was quite fun actually. The conference on Tuesday was so much fun! It was more a fun conference for Christmas as a reward for all of our hard work this year. We sang lots of Christmas songs, had a great meal, and even got to watch a film- we watched the Disney Film Brave (which is based in Scotland), so it was a lot of fun! I got to see so many great missionary friends.
All Scotland Christmas conference 


     Wednesday was Joseph's baptism! I had the amazing privilege of baptising him. It was such a great service and there was one other Chinese girl who also got baptised in the service from some other Elders in Edinburgh. It was cool to see how happy Joseph was! Wednesday night was also the night our mission hit our baptismal goal of 360 baptisms!! What an incredible achievement! Everyone is so excited to see the goal for 2017. 

    We had a couple of great days to do missionary work, then on Saturday we were quite busy. We had to deliver some last minute packages around the zone and even some to Glasgow (because we were driving close to there anyway) which was fun because it was my first time back in Glasgow since I came to Edinburgh.

Delivering Christmas parcels to the missionaries
in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Got our car into the Christmas spirit

Then on Christmas eve night we had a Christmas eve service at the church, which was quite fun actually. I was the pianist for a missionary musical number, which turned out really well!
    Christmas day was a whole lot of fun: We got breakfast at the mission home before church! And then we went to church (I was asked to be the pianist before hand, so I practised quite a bit before). 
Here I am practising the piano at the mission home.  

Mckell and Cannon families on Christmas day.

After church we stayed at the mission home for a few hours and played games with some other missionaries. Then I went to my ward mission leader's home with some other members for dinner and skyping home.

 It was a good time, and it is always such a good experience seeing the family.

It feels weird that I actually had a life before my mission. It feels like this is just my life now. In the evening we went to have another meal with some other Elders with a lot of the Chinese recent converts and our investigator Shirley was there, so it was a lot of fun!! 


Christmas dinner/party with Chinese investigators and converts

Yesterday was boxing day which was just another day off. In the morning it was snowing very heavily actually, and we had planned to climb Arthur's seat, so we still went anyway!

Climbing Arthur's seat on Boxing day

     It actually snowed the day after Christmas!

View of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Castle

We got some amazing pictures though even if it was cold. Then we spent a few hours at the church playing football with some other missionaries and some of the Donaldson's family who were visiting.
Playing football at the church 

We were exhausted at that point, so went home to shower and rest up before going to some member's homes in the evening for dinner. Edinburgh was a great place to be for Christmas!!

      The work is going really well also! Our Chinese friend Shirley wants to meet with us everyday so she can get baptised on January 4th. She loves the Book of Mormon also! And she is friends with the other Chinese recent converts also. We found another new man this week named Andrew who came to the baptisms on Wednesday and the Christmas eve service, and is loving what we have taught so far. He is preparing for baptism in January also.

      Well I better head off because we will need to work hard to make up for all the lost time this weekend! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

My friend, John, came all the way to Glasgow to visit and bring me a Christmas gift! 

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