Monday, December 5, 2016


 Monday, December 5, 2016
    So it was a bit of a wild week this week... From the start it was a bit sad because some of our best investigators dropped us out of nowhere like Kai and Sylvia, so that was disheartening. It has been difficult as well with so many tourists and students preparing for exams to find all the prepared people, but our spirits have remained high and we are faithfully striving to baptise to help the mission reach 360 baptisms. We are now at 329 baptisms... so close! 

     Here are some highlights from the week.
     So on Monday we went to the Christmas market here in Edinburgh and had a look around... It was amazing to see the whole city centre decked out for Christmas, I loved it!

Edinburgh Christmas market

               We rode on the Ferris Wheel

Tuesday we were up in Alloa for a district meeting and drove back with the Falkirk Elders
for an exchange in Edinburgh... I was with Elder Davainis, the only Elder in the world serving a mission from Lithuania. He is a champ! I love being around him! We experienced a lot of miracles! We worked hard the rest of the week and as it turns out, our best investigators now are the ones we found when I was with Elder Davainis. We found this guy named Joseph, who lives pretty close to the church, who is really keen to be baptised and loved coming to church yesterday! On Sunday, Keith was also ordained to the Priesthood!! So exciting. There was also a December mission home fireside yesterday. I got to see some of my favorite pals from Glasgow, John and Lisa, so I loved seeing them. 

      So our moves call is this next week... I really hope I am staying here in Edinburgh, but I don't know what will happen. Some have said it is likely that I will go to Belfast, so we will see what happens. It would be tough to leave right before Christmas. So I guess we'll see next week! 

Falkirk Kelpies-
 I saw these famous metal horse heads on the way to Alloa

Winter in Scotland

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