Monday, December 19, 2016

Start of a New Transfer

A member in the ward made us missionary gingerbread men.

Monday, December 19, 2016
  Well it's time for a new transfer! Elder Peacock and I are excited to see what we can accomplish together, we have already experienced so much success.

John came from Glasgow to say goodbye
to Elder Cook 

    It was a bit of a slow week this week, having started with planning moves and then helping missionaries move around the mission, but it is always fun seeing missionary friends I haven't seen in a while.

Saying farewell to Elder Cook who was a great example to me.

     We also find sooo many people now that we just have to take phone numbers from and make a note to call after the new year because everyone is leaving (especially students), so we have to make adjustments with our finding and teaching plans. We are anticipating a lot of great success though as we have found some great people that can be baptised soon.

     This week, we are extremely excited for Joseph's baptism! He is so excited and he loves inviting as many people as he can to it. Just like last year, I am so happy to be celebrating a baptism the week of Christmas! It's the best kind of White Christmas I would say! Unfortunately Joseph will be leaving Edinburgh to be with family on Christmas day, so he will have to be confirmed New Year's day, but hey what a great way to start the new year! 

     We have also started teaching this amazing Chinese student named Shirley is so prepared. She was already a Christian when she was in China, but hadn't gone to church since being in Edinburgh. When I spoke to her on the street at the university she said "I have been waiting for someone to talk with me about Jesus." So we met with her and she accepted baptism for January 4th and came to church this week and loved it! So Shirley is quite the miracle.

     Unfortunately Sonia returned back to Spain this week, but the night she left we texted her to say goodbye and she told us how
she wants to be baptised, so we are trying to get her in touch with missionaries in Spain.

     This week will be a wild one! We have an All Scotland Christmas conference on Tuesday, Joseph's baptism on Wednesday, and then of course Christmas eve and Christmas! We have been pretty close with the members, so I am pretty sure we have dinner appointments lined up for every day this week and have many plans to be with families over the holiday days as well. We are so excited!!

Merry Christmas!

This week we went to a meal with some of our Chinese friends in the ward. We went to hot pot which is a traditional Chinese meal where hey have these huge simmering pots of soup and loads of raw meat and vegetables and other foods that you cook in the soup and
pull out and eat when it is done. 
Ox stomach (not a fan of this)

Chicken hearts (actually pretty good)
Our friends Linda (our recent convert) and Zoe (a member of a year)

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