Monday, December 12, 2016

Staying in Edinburgh for Christmas!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

     Happy Days! Elder Peacock and I are staying together again for another transfer in Edinburgh!! Our zone is on fire, so I guess they wanted to keep the momentum rolling. There aren't too many missionaries moving around the mission, so we are grateful it is a smaller moves and won't be quite as busy this week. But we still have a good amount of planning to do today, so I don't have a lot of time! I am so excited for Christmas here in Edinburgh with a lot of people I know. None of the other missionaries in Edinburgh ward are moving either, so we will have a lot of fun together.

     This week was a bit of a wild one, but it was great! We have a few people we are teaching now that we are excited about. So our friend Joseph is just ecstatic about his baptism! He is hilarious! We taught him the commandments this week and he just goes on each time we see him about how loves keeping the commandments. I can't see anything keeping him from his baptismal date of December 21st. We are teaching this really cool girl named Sonia from Spain as well. She came to church this week and connected with a few Spanish speaking members... the only trouble is that she will be returning to Spain next weekend, so we are sad about that. We have found so many great people who are willing to meet... but will busy until after Christmas, so it's a bit of a challenging time, but everyone is just so excited about achieving the mission goal! We are currently at 342 baptisms for the year... so close to the goal of 360. We should be hitting it within 2 weeks! Exciting times.

      We had the privilege of witnessing 2 baptisms this week in the zone. There was one in Edinburgh ward on Wednesday, and then we got to help with getting a baptism ready on Saturday in an outskirt town called Dalkeith. The font was a bit broken, so freezing cold water was coming out, so we collected as many kettles as we could and tried boiling water and running hot water from a nearby tap to try and warm up the font water. I think it helped a little bit... it went from freezing cold to just cold.  But it was probably helpful as the lady getting baptised was a bit afraid of water as well. But everything worked out great!

     Things are going so well in Edinburgh and I am excited to spend Christmas here with Elder Peacock. It will be a busy week, and then Christmas will be here before no time... craziness!

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