Monday, January 2, 2017

Farewell Edinburgh

Monday, January 2, 2017

    So there is some interesting, unexpected news... There have been some wild mid-transfer moves. Most of the leadership around the mission has been all switched around. We got our call on New Year's eve night. So today I will be taking a train wayyy up north... to be a zone leader in Aberdeen, the most northern zone in Scotland. My new companion will be Elder Parsons, who just became a zone leader and moved to Aberdeen 2 weeks ago. So it sounds like it will be a pretty fresh start. But Elder Parsons and I served in the same ward in Glasgow together and I really like him, so I am super excited to serve with him. He is from Peterborough, England. I think the zone hasn't been performing too well, so I might have a lot of work to do to get things going. It is the biggest geographic zone in the mission. Everything north of Aberdeen is in the zone... including all the islands. There are Sisters in Stornoway (Isle of Lewis), Elders on the Orkney Islands, and Elders on the Shetland Islands. So it is going to be quite crazy to manage everything. But I also have some beautiful areas in the zone including Inverness, Loch Ness, and all of the highlands, so I am really hoping I get to see some really cool things! My only concern is that it will be reallllly cold for the middle winter... We'll see how it goes!

   This last week was quite a good week despite having so much time off. We were able to get a lot of great work done during the week, and we met with Shirley every day to help her get prepared for baptism on Wednesday... So at first I was really bummed of course because Shirley is getting baptised here in Edinburgh on Wednesday, but I am moving today. However, I lucked out because there is a mission leadership council on Wednesday here in Edinburgh, so I will be driving back down on Wednesday and will get to stay afterward for the baptism. This week we also started teaching this really amazing new Chinese lady named Anna, so I am really sad to leave her as well.

   New Year's weekend was quite fun!! On New Year's eve we had to be in early, so all the missionaries actually got invited to a member's home for an amazing meal. And then we went back to a missionaries flat for a little bit of fun... although it turned quite chaotic as we got our unexpected moves calls... half the missionaries in Edinburgh got moved out. So I stayed up late New Year's eve packing... So I was actually awake to bring in the New Year. There was so many celebrations and tons of fireworks set off from Edinburgh Castle, Arthur's seat and other spots in Edinburgh. We actually had a pretty nice view from our flat balcony!

Joseph, who was confirmed New Year's Day
New Year's day I got to say a lot of goodbyes at church! And it was also Joseph's confirmation day, so it was quite a special Sunday, but also sad saying goodbye to so many great members, especially recent converts. We were able to have a few meals at different member's homes on the rest of New Year's day also.

John Hall

Some of my great friends in Edinburgh!  

The Hall family 
My Chinese friends: Lisa, Zoe, Shirley and Jessica
Laura, recent convert

Brother Myles provides the missionaries with
countless smoothies every week  

Sanju, baptised a little over a year ago

The Spence family who fed us every week

Some of the best YSA in the mission- always helping the missionaries:

Laura, Ruth and Sophie

   Well I am literally leaving for Aberdeen in less than an hour, so I will have to go. I have loved my time in Edinburgh soooo much and I can't wait to be back. But I know there will be a great new adventure in Aberdeen.

Views from the train on the way to Aberdeen

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