Monday, January 9, 2017

First Week in Aberdeen, Shirley's Baptism!

Monday, January 9, 2016
    What a wild week it has been!! The first half of our week was pretty crazy, but we got some great work done in our area at the end. Aberdeen is an incredible place!! I really feel that there is so much work to be done here, and things are already improving. We have seen so many miracles already!

    So I took a train into Aberdeen on Monday, and I had some great first impressions as I immediately had a meal appointment with some members in the ward who were so kind! The rest of the day on Monday and Tuesday there were a lot of things to be done. There wasn't a whole lot of organisation, so I needed to update a report for the Aberdeen stake, and also prepare a report for the Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday. I also spent time when I could, trying to call every team in the zone and get to know about them and their area so we could know how to help them. So I was quite overwhelmed when I got there, and I had to leave just as quick as I got there it seemed because of the mission leadership council in Edinburgh on Wednesday, so we drove to Dundee on Tuesday night and stayed the night there, because of the long travel. 

Shirley after her baptism

The MLC on Wednesday was so fun with so many great missionaries there, and then I got to stay afterward to see Shirley's baptism (which I gave a talk at) and it also gave me an opportunity to say goodbye to a few more members of Edinburgh Ward. It is sad to leave.

Saying goodbye to Keith
Goodbye to Anna, I was
teaching her before I
left Edinburgh.

    So we got back to Aberdeen on Thursday morning after staying Wednesday night in Dundee again. Aberdeen is a cool place! So it is still a city, but just a bit smaller than Glasgow or Edinburgh. All the buildings are built from Granite, so it is really grey... and often the sky is gray haha. We spent most of our time finding in the city centre, and it is so amazing! I feel that it hasn't properly been worked by missionaries for a little while because not too many people are familiar with the missionaries, so I think there is so much potential! I am amazed that there haven't been too many baptisms in 2016 for this ward because the area is so good! The recent converts that are here are really amazing though. So there are actually 2 wards in the city of Aberdeen. I am in the Aberdeen ward which covers the south half of the city, and the Bridge of Don ward is the north part of the city. 

    We already have some incredible people we are working with! Elder Parsons and I have a great advantage with both of us being new because it is kind of a fresh start without many preconceived ideas. So Elder Parsons and I went on Friday to visit a part-member family where the wife is not a member, but has been taught by missionaries for several months. We had almost no knowledge about the situation, so we came in and got to know the couple for a while and then began asking about her progression in the church. We determined that we would just go through the baptismal interview questions with her to see where she was at... so we did! And she answered absolutely perfectly to every single question! We told her that she was ready to be baptised... and she agreed!! So our friend Laura will be getting baptised on January 21st. She has been actively attending church with her husband for like almost a year, so there aren't really many hold backs. In the past I guess she has just felt very pressured, but she said that with both of us being brand new and teaching her for the first time she just felt very comfortable and ready to open up because there was no previous knowledge. So I think it is definitely inspired that Elder Parsons and I are together here. Laura's husband texted us later in the evening and said that she had never opened up like that and that she never answered all of the baptismal interview questions like that. So that is pretty amazing!! We also have several other people we have found this week that we have met with that accepted a baptismal date... however some we have to pass over to missionaries in the other ward because they live within the other boundary. But we have one amazing guy named Lewis who we met with on Saturday, who accepted a baptismal date. He then came to church on Sunday... and get this, he got up and bore his testimony during sacrament meeting!! It was really good as well. We are so excited about him!! 

    So there are still many things to organise here in Aberdeen, especially our flat and car. So I think we will have to spend a lot of time taking care of things before we are prepared to have some fun P-Days (there are a lot of cool things in our area)... so pictures will be coming soon enough in the future once we have some more organisation.

But I really am loving Aberdeen so far!!

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