Monday, January 23, 2017

Laura's Baptism!

James, Laura and their daughter at Laura's baptism

Monday, January 23, 2017
     It's been quite an eventful week for us this week!! Obviously the highlight was the baptism of Laura on Saturday, which was the easiest baptism I ever had to plan... mainly because Elder Parsons and I really didn't have to plan much. Our ward mission leader is really great with getting things organised and planning it out, and then James and Laura basically took care of all the arrangements themselves anyway. It was a packed baptismal service!! James and Laura had friends and family travel from other parts of the UK, but also the whole ward was just so supportive of Laura getting baptised because she has been involved in the ward for so long. There was a huge amount of food afterward as well, so it was basically a ward social following the baptism. The service was really amazing though! It must have been such an incredible moment for James being able to be baptise and confirm his wife. They already have 1 young daughter, Laura is due with another baby in April. Their family will help the Aberdeen ward grow a lot in the future. This church is built upon families. 
James' sister made this cool cake for Laura's baptism!
River Ness in Inverness
   Obviously this week started out pretty fun as well with our trip to Inverness on Tuesday. We had a district meeting there and then spent all day working with the Elders. It was so much fun! Inverness is a smaller sized city but really beautiful! Very similar to Galway I would say.
The river Ness (flows from Loch Ness) goes right through the middle of the city. I was on exchanges with Elder Hinckley (who I was in the MTC with) and we had a fantastic day! There were 3 people that we found that very day that we met with who started investigating, so it was quite successful. On Wednesday morning, we took a short drive down to Loch Ness to take a look before heading back to Aberdeen. It was dark so we couldn't see too much, but it was a surreal moment standing by it. Visiting Loch Ness was like a bucket list item for me- hopefully I can go back another time during the day. 

Early morning at Loch sign of the monster!

Click for more about Inverness and Lochness

     We had a quite a decent week ourselves as well. Kiera and Lewis are both doing quite well. Lewis is basically all prepared for baptism, but Kiera is not progressing quite as much and they would like to be baptised at the same time, so it might take a few weeks to get there. We have another really great man we are teaching named Ivar who is originally from Norway. He came to Laura's baptism on Saturday, but just still hasn't come to church. He has received a lot of answers through prayer about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, so hopefully he can begin progressing towards baptism. There are a few other good people, but we have had to pass them to the other ward because they are not in our boundaries. We are excited to just be able to get a lot of work done this week! There are not too many things going on to take away from our work, except for possibly going down to Edinburgh for an exchange tomorrow.
     So this is the last week before our moves call on Sunday, but I am sure it will be very unlikely that I will be moving, but we are anticipating a lot of moves for our zone, so it should be pretty exciting.
Church building in Inverness

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