Monday, January 16, 2017

White Winter Weather

Me and my new companion, Elder Parsons, at Dunnottar Castle

 Monday, January 16, 2017

      Well it's been quite a wild first full week in Aberdeen... I would love to say that it was a normal week, but it was definitely quite abnormal with so many different things going on. 

      To start off with... it is COLD. Much colder than other places I have been on my mission. I mean it is not nearly as bad as some places, but I am just not so used to it. We have gotten a lot of snow some nights and on Saturday the whole city was covered in snow the entire day, so it's quite pretty actually! 
Snow outside the church building

View from our flat

Our flat building 

Elder Blettenberg from my MTC group who
was transferred out of Aberdeen this week
      What made this week particularly crazy was the fact that there were a few different emergency mid-transfers moves happening because of a few missionaries that went home in other parts of the mission and other necessary changes needed. There was only night this week where it was just Elder Parsons and I sleeping in our flat, because so many different missionaries were coming through for exchanges or passing through Aberdeen to move to other areas. Some of the moves were so spontaneous that Elder Parsons and I had to split with other missionaries and he had to drive all the way to the very tip of Northern Scotland to pick up some missionaries from Thurso which is 5 hours away one-way (they got only a couple hours of sleep that night). 


     So despite everything crazy happening, we have seen sooo many miracles!! So Lewis who came to church last week, met with us on Monday, brought his girlfriend to the next lesson and she was also so interested and also agreed to be baptised! So Lewis and his girlfriend Kiera are loving what we teach and excited to be baptised hopefully the last week of January. Lewis came to church again, but unfortunately Kiera couldn't. Laura is scheduled to be baptised this coming Saturday and all the preparations are basically done, so we are quite thrilled! There are also several others who have baptismal dates and are pretty interested, and we have done quite a lot of teaching this week, so I have really enjoyed my time so far.
Aberdeen City Centre

     It's going to be another really fun week this week! Obviously Laura is getting baptised, but we also have some fun travel. We are going to Inverness (the city beside Loch Ness) tomorrow for a district meeting and then staying with the Elders there to work with them for the day. Today we already visited a castle nearby called Dunnottar Castle, so I have some beautiful pictures there also.

Dunnottar Castle on the north east coast
of Scotland, south of Stonehaven

Inside Dunnottar Castle 

On the east coast of Scotland 

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