Monday, February 13, 2017

Lewis' Baptism!

Monday, February 13, 2017
Me, Lewis and Elder Parsons
     What a great week of work it was!! It has been sooo cold and rainy and snowy and windy this week, but we have done a pretty decent job of working through with it. We often have strong motivation to try and teach people on the spot, if they have some time, by going into a cafe nearby or a library so we can escape the cold haha... and it often works pretty well! There are a few people we have been able to teach that way and they have become new investigators. So we have been able to find and teach quite a few new people recently, but after just meeting once or so we don't know howsolid they are. The highlight of course was Lewis getting baptised!!! He was so happy at his baptism and confirmation. His mother and girlfriend, Kiera, who we have already been teaching a little bit came to the baptismal service. I had the opportunity of baptising Lewis on Saturday and Elder Parsons confirmed him on Sunday. What was also really cool is how quick the Bishop wants him to progress as a recent convert, so he was also interviewed so he could be ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday. So in the space of 2 days Lewis was baptised, confirmed, and ordained to the Priesthood.... he's on a spiritual high at the moment.

     On Wednesday this past week, we went to Edinburgh on Wednesday to go on exchanges with the Assistants. It was a really cool experience for me because I was working with Elder Tullis, which was great because we have already served as companions in Edinburgh together. We were able to to see a few of the recent converts who we taught and baptised while we were there, so that was way fun. I love Edinburgh so much, such a great city. But whilst there on Wednesday, I was kinda happy I moved on because there are so many missionaries there at the moment, so it seems like most of the students and people around have spoken to so many missionaries recently.
Exchanges in Edinburgh with Elder Tullis and our convert Laura
Aberdeen is a much fresher environment for me so things are going great! We had one man who we have been teaching recently named Dougie who came to church this week, and Dougie is such a funny guy, we love teaching him. He struggles with his confidence sometimes and can be negative so we are just trying to help him become positive and see the good in things first. There's a few others we are teaching as well that have baptismal dates, but again it is difficult to tell how solid they are at the moment.
     There is a lot to look forward to this week also! We will be taking a flight to the Orkney Islands this coming Thursday evening to exchange with the Elders there and we will then be back on Saturday morning. We have heard it is beautiful up there, but I am sure it will be quite frigid weather also- it will definitely be a unique experience.

A member in Aberdeen took these photos of
me proselyting and sent them to my mom.  
     The Aberdeen zone is doing quite decent as well! There's a variety of success being spread throughout the zone instead of just the cities, so we are pumped about that. Good things are coming soon.

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