Monday, February 27, 2017

Miracles All Around!

Invergordon Chapel

Monday, February 27, 2017
So it's been a great week full of amazing missionary work without too many distractions... my favorite kind of week! On Tuesday we did have a little bit of travel driving to Invergordon for district meeting. Invergordon is in the highlands, North of Inverness. It was quite a beautiful drive heading up there, and it was such a cool chapel! Invergordon is  tiny little town, and the church was right in the middle of the high street, so it was quite a good location. We had a good meeting as well led by the district leader there to inspire the Elders up there in the highlands. 

Invergordon chapel was converted from 
an old bank-still has the original vault

I guess the best way to summarise my week is to discuss some of the great people we are working with and some of the great miracles we saw.

Our Brazilian friend Lahna we get to meet with almost every day. She doesn't speak very much English, so our lessons rely a lot on google translate and Portuguese pamphlets, but she is learning a lot and is skeptical about the Restoration, but is really open to learning. Her 6 year old cousin she takes care of is always with her as well, so she makes it fun.

There is a man named Ivar who we have been teaching for quite a while, he has hold backs because he goes to another church and his wife is not interested in learning about our church. But he finally committed to come to church this week, and he DID! And he seemed to really enjoy it. He has had some great spiritual experiences with the Book of Mormon already, but feels that he needs more answers before being baptised. He is on the right path though.

This Nigerian family consisting of the mother, Patience and her son Sam, have been taught by the Elders for ages. I have only met her a couple times, but we finally got into her home to teach her again this week! They both really want to be baptised, but there are some barriers to overcome first, but we are excited we have a goal with them to work towards.

Aberdeen "The Granite City" or city of grey

Saturday night we were finding in the city centre, which can be a bit dodgy at times because there are a lot of drunk people and party people out (which makes for interesting stories sometimes), but we know there can always still be prepared people, and the faith paid off! We met a woman named Simone who was taught by missionaries 6 years ago. She had been thinking about the church again recently and then we met her! We invited her to church the next morning and she came and loved it as well! We met with her after church and she expressed some of the changes she wants to make in her life, and agreed to be baptised next month! There are some barriers with her to overcome also, but she is really prepared!

On Sunday after church, we had this amazing spiritual lesson with someone named Luke. We met at a coffee shop, but despite the noisy environment, we taught about the Holy Ghost and then the gospel of Jesus Christ, and it began making so much sense to Luke, so much so that Luke began tearing up and recognised the Holy Ghost and agreed to baptised as well. It was amazing!! Such a spiritual moment.

Later that day after a dinner appointment in a tiny town of out Aberdeen, I remembered a man named Mike I met on the street who gave me his address which was in that town. We knocked on Mike's door, and he welcomed us. We began getting to know him and he seemed a bit down as he expressed his lack of purpose in life and that he wanted to make changes. He loves reading books and has a huge collection. We asked if we could take his Bible off his shelf to read some scriptures and he said that was okay, and what do you know in his Bible he had a little pass along Easter card from missionaries years and years ago (it must have been old because there was no church website on it), and he explained how he had several interactions with missionaries in the past. He agreed to continue to meet with us and build his faith up again, begin making changes, and prepare for baptism in the future.
Marischal College in Aberdeen
Rumor has it that this edifice was part of the
inspiration for the Salt Lake Temple 

Marischal College is headquarters for the
Aberdeen City council 

So many miracles!!!! President Donaldson has had to travel the mission this transfer to do interviews with all the missionaries around, since we no longer have zone interview trainings. I had a great interview with President on Friday. He and Sister Donaldson stayed the weekend in Aberdeen after interviews, and on Sunday morning we were invited to breakfast with them at their hotel to discuss our zone. It was such a posh breakfast... such a nice opportunity. And then we had a fantastic time at church following breakfast. So it was testimony meeting for us because next week there is a regional broadcast for Northern Europe, and our recent convert Lewis went up and bore his testimony... he was really energetic! Lewis has been a great member missionary as well... he LOVES coming teaching with us and referring his friends, so it has been amazing!

We are excited for another week of miracles ahead!

                   Inside of our flat
                   in Aberdeen - the nicest
                   flat I've had in the mission.

    Views on the      drive back
     from the Highlands

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